On Spectrums and Attractiveness

Ha, that's one way of looking at it positively :) Just be aware that it is much less pleasant for some - transitions can be really expensive, and attitudes toward trans people can still be extremely nasty. In any case, I do agree the brain is pretty amazing!

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@Jillsy Sloper Yea, I mean, it'd also help if they did away with the "homosexual transsexual" language - I'm not even really sure what it means (in relation to which "gender" is one supposed to be homosexual?), and it is suuuper pejorative-sounding. And no worries - sufficient disclaimers preceded the term, and it is an interesting concept despite the poor packaging.

@Biketrastrophy That was pretty much my thought too! In any case, I have enjoyed finding an internet twin today.

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@wee_ramekin Thought appreciated, but I am going to have to decline the generous offer - even on a throwaway email I think that would feel too real for me? Entirely a case of my own lack of courage, no offense whatsoever to Biketastrophy!

@Jillsy Sloper I think the concept could have more traction if, uh, rebranded? It seems like they wanted it to be a binary distinction, like, "within transsexualism you are either this or this", but if it were more like, "here is another spectrum on which people can place themselves, sometimes, if they feel like it", it would actually be a very useful distinction. Thanks for pointing in that direction, in any case - always interested in new ways of thinking of things like this!

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@Biketastrophy O, the curse of being manly dudes who maybe want to experience having ladyparts, but who know they would not look very good with them.

@Lu2 That's what bothered me enough to write a letter - I seriously have NO RESPECT for gender norms and think anything that anyone wants to do or be or whatever is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL as long as it's consensual. So this shouldn't bother me! But, for some reason, it does. Much more when I wrote this than now, but even still, a little bit. I certainly don't think I could tell my girlfriend, for example. Not that she wouldn't accept it or be fine with it, but because it's not a part of myself that I totally understand myself, I guess?

@frigwiggin While I totally get what you're saying and agree with it, I'm just not into the idea unless I would be a lot smaller/shorter/less muscular, aka more traditionally femme. Which isn't to say anything against people who look like me and make the transition - rock on! Just not what I'm into, I guess. I would want straight-dude me to be attracted to chick-me, and straight-dude me has some pretty traditional preferences.

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@Biketastrophy I'm curious - how have things turned out for you? Did you follow up on any of it?

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

@Biketastrophy LW1 here, on an obvious throwaway because some of y'all would recognize me.

Hi! Um, not sure I have anything else to say. Just checking in. The letter was mostly therapeutic, I think - until they invent things that can plug into your brain and trick you into thinking you have a different body, there's nothing I can conceivably imagine doing with this one. I would like to experience giving a blowjob, I think, but not to an Actual Person With Thoughts Or A Face.

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