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@weebleswobble Sorry about your breakup. Staying busy is good, but feeling your feelings is also important. And projects, you've got to have projects.

We had only been together for 4 months and it was great at the start but I increasingly found him to be terrible, like everything he did made me cringe. And after stringing out my last breakup over several months I decided that just doing it and getting it over with is kinder. Actually, I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago but we agreed to give it another go, but it still wasn't working. The sad thing is that when we spoke last night he agreed with me, which kind of annoyed me! Like, was he going to say anything?! Gah!

But it is sad from this side too, I had hoped things would work out. And it is the worst conversation to have ever.

I hope you feel better soon *internet stranger hugs*

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On [Technical Difficulties]

@Decca Oh, that's very exciting. I went to his thing at the Barbican last year(?) and he was there. And he did the clapping thing. It was great! Have fun!

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On [Technical Difficulties]

My week is going great! I was stressing about dumping my bf to the point where I got an eye twitch. But I ovaried up and did it and it went well. So I am freeeeee!!!!

But, in bad news, a mouse is living under my freezer.

Can we have mid-week open thread every week?

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On Who is That Masked Woman? (You.)

@iceberg God I hope so or I'm sad for everyone involved. I follow that column and the letters are getting stranger each week. Hmm...

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On This Winter's Required Reading

@par_parenthese The Daily Mail is my guilty pleasure too but I stayed clear yesterday. Was it as reductive as "old, fat, childless woman slags off young, thin, pregnant woman"?

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On The Week of February 11 - 15

@Jinxie I agree with @adorable-eggplant, baking, like a big baking project (it's perfectly acceptable to eat cake for every meal post-breakup). Or how about foods you love but didn't eat so much because your ex didn't like them? Make a really fancy meal for yourself, set the table with candles etc?

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On The Week of February 11 - 15

@OhMarie Thanks!

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On You Need a New Man

@babs Aww, hugs. Breakups suck but life is too short for non-awesome guys. And you are not a terrible person.

Update on me: I didn't have the conversation yesterday as per my original plan. On Friday night his ok cupid profile found my ok cupid profile. Awkward. This led to a semi-deep conversation about wants and expectations and a reconciliation on whole new terms might be happening.

UGH indeed!!

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On The Week of February 11 - 15

@iceberg It will probaby fade in a couple of days. Hands are not so bad. Faces are more of a concern. It's very brave of you to put pens near your babies. 5 minutes with mine I was like, nope I am not cleaning that up, back to crayons and pencils.

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On The Week of February 11 - 15

@iceberg Where is it on their body? I would be tempted to leave it and let it "grow" out. Or baby wipes?

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