On A Letter to Future Me

@Jen@twitter This for me too--it had been five years of singlehood until September. I've been the single one of my friends for so long that I sort of identified myself that way. My big struggle so far has been trying to open up when I'm so used to being responsible only to myself. It's hard to be vulnerable.

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On "Trayvon Martin and I Ain't Shit"

@tangocharlie Yeah, my dad is a big guy (and white), and has stories from his youth of seeing women cross to the other side of the street to avoid him.

He once terrified a woman who thought he was following her--he was going to visit my mom (then gf), she was going to visit my mom's sister. The woman burst into tears when he came up the stairs behind her.

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On "The Irony of American Justice"

@Tuna Surprise A fbook friend of mine, in all seriousness, reacted that "It's hard times being the white folk." I find it terribly upsetting.

He's a friend from childhood, of my brother's. I keep him in my feed so I can see different reactions to things. He and his crew is convinced that there was no race involved until Sharpton and the media got involved. I just--don't get where they're coming from. At all.

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On 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

@pennylaner YES! I loved this one! But we always sang the moral as "Don't trust a guy"

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On Gemini Season, 1970

Today is my birthday! Rock on, fellow Gems!

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

@anachronistique My bro and I both have names that seem like they should be obvious but that people screw up constantly (first and last). It is a weird bonding experience. S-I-L is in the club now, too, since she took the last name.

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On Songs to Have Heard

@Scandyhoovian Tragic Kingdom was my second, after Ace of Base!!

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On Charli XCX Covers "I Want It That Way"

aghhh, she's fab! Nuclear Seasons is still my jam.

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

Oh god, this happened to me once, except I was at Fuddrucker's. Felt a tickle on the back of my scalp, scratched, pulled my hand away to find a fat, white, bloated tick, fully satiated, trying to waddle home. It was horrifying!

I also remember waking up one morning in the summer, shortly after a camping trip, with a black spot next to my eye. Mom looked at it; was it a bruise? We woke Dad up for a second opinion. It was not a bruise. Dad found two more hiding in my hair and killed them with fire.

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@fakefighter Sure.

The article's interesting because libido does not come up at all, and it justifies the masculine need for regular sex as an emotional need due to guys not making intimate friendships outside of their romantic partnership. SO, the answer given is for couples to work on having sex more. Really, the issue is that intimacy needs to be strengthened within the relationship--as others mentioned, the named couple has serious communication issues and the decrease in activity in their sex life looks like a clear expression of a decrease in emotional intimacy. In theory, based on this article, couldn't an alternative fix be to help men to work on their non-romantic relationships so that they have other emotional outlets, and their wife isn't responsible for all of his emotional wellbeing?

That should probably happen anyways, but I guess I don't really see that resulting in a person wanting sex less. I'm just not sure it's a helpful elision.

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