On Getting Guns

I clerked for a judge, and he took my co-clerk and I on the last day of our clerkship to the range with our courtroom marshal, and I basically had a panic attack just being in the range, what with the loud noises that each made me jump and being terrified I would inadvertently shoot myself or someone else. I then spent the rest of the time crying in the gun shop bathroom. It was super embarassing, and my judge felt really bad, but there's no way he could have known I would have that reaction. Still, guns, ugh.

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On Name That Book!

@piggie The Highest Hit! http://www.amazon.com/The-Highest-Hit-Nancy-Willard/dp/0152342796

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On Name That Book!

@Spartacuss Season of Ponies? http://www.amazon.com/Season-Ponies-Zilpha-Keatley-Snyder/dp/084466376X

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On Name That Book!

@yeah-elle All I can think of are the Sleepover Friends where Stephanie would only wear red black and white... Perhaps Patti's New Look, #4? Ha!

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On Name That Book!

For #3--A Traveller in Time? Not exactly Arthurian, but maybe...

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