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@Cat named Virtute yeah but what kind of candy is it?

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On Friday Open Thread

@RK Fire SKEET SHOOTING! I drive by a skeet shooting place almost everyday. I think I should scrounge up some shotguns. Going away is also a good idea. Hmmm, maybe I should look thru one of the million Groupon getaway emails I get.

Unfortunately I work for a brewery so all the joy of beer and breweries has been sucked out of us through sheer tedium. See also: no friends.

Birthdaying is hard.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MilesofMountains well beyond.

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On Friday Open Thread

My husband is turning 30 in march. He dislikes hosting parties and we live in the city where he is finishing law school and we don't have a ton of friends in the area so that is not really an option anyway. When he graduates/passes the bar we will party it up. I am tempted to give him a Ron Swanson style 'here is some scotch and a steak in a locked room' style thing but I think that might not be special enough. Help me!

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