On An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games

@han I know!!! I was just introduced to her column at Rock Paper Shotgun a few weeks ago and found hers to be an engaging, unique voice in the crazy repetitive gaming journalism world.

Plus, it was due to Porpentine that I discovered Room of 1000 Snakes, which I have been making all my friends play. Somehow it is one of a few games that is more fun to watch other people play (Along with EnviroBear 2000)

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On The Oscars

@Mingus_Thurber Darts are supposed to be at least 1" away from the nipples to prevent the exact optical illusion she was sporting (the 'crazy pointy boobs' illusion).

The dress would've been pretty, but pale pink satin hides NO flaws, so I can understand why she would go up a half-size rather than down (square waist and pointy boobs rather than bulging and pinching). But why she did not get it tailored better is a mystery to me.

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On Name That Book!

@Banana Stand Money Ahhh! Ordered! Thank you! I borrowed it from a teacher, read it, and gave it back and promptly forgot all identifying information. I'm so glad someone else read it!

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On Name That Book!

@mel "The All-American Slurp" short story? I remember the celery strings that go "zip zip zip" and the whole party looks at them when they pull them off.

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On Name That Book!

I remember this book very clearly but I canNOT find it, probably because it was based on a bunch of common legends.

So a girl helps her mom out at an antique store, and a drifter type shows up one day. He asks for a glass of water but I think ends up working at the shop (?). He will pick up items in the shop and make up a story about them, and each chapter is a story. So there's a retelling of the Willow Pattern story, and a story about a locked Indian box, and so on. But then it turns out that he's not making the stories up, they are REAL, and it's all very mysterious who this drifter is (ie, the story of the locked box is that it contains a coil of human hair that a English colonial girl made her Indian national servant cut off so the English girl could be prettier, and then the Indian girl puts a cobra in the box, and it bites the English girl and she dies. The box is locked when the drifter tells the story, and it gets unlocked afterwards, and inside is...a coil of hair and a cobra skeleton!!!)

Please someone have read this. I'm convinced I'm making it up at this point.

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