On Controversial Opinions Post: The Moisturizer I Don't Like

@Lady Humungus THANK. YOU. great lash is SHIT.

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On The First Wives Club Franchise

OMG!!!! i've been wanting to pitch a gender-swapped first wives club cast to this column since it started. this speaks to my interests in a deep way.

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On All of Mark Ruffalo’s On-Screen Kisses, From Worst to Best

the way these intro paragraphs are fun and palsy without being exclusionary or incorrectly heteronormative should be the model for all magazine and blog writing in the future. (i'm looking at you, SELF, Cosmo, etc.)

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On "You’re not supposed to be mine. You were not supposed to be made."

i'm not sure that not liking/loving your baby (implicitly--not enough) should be discussed alongside fantasies of killing him or her in this way. it implies that deviations from an expected level of enthusiasm--regardless of your baby's colic, your co-parent's deployment overseas, or whether you wanted the baby or not--are as dangerous as, or indications of, actual mental illness and violent urges.

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On Ways in Which Hashtags Will Further Ruin Your Facebook Feed

@yrouttasight i kind of like it! i feel like it's a new part of syntax that, as you say, is basically a shortened version of "Categorize this under...". language! evolving! etc!

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On This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

@lora.bee the caffeine is what does it to me (same effect with caffeine pills)--and it's a great, cheap, gentle laxative for when you get all constipated from long airline flights!

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On The Original Swiss Army Knife

@harebellALL I WANT is an engraved silver phone case hanging from my waist.

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On Scrub?


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On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

this is awesome!

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On Current and Proposed DVR Recording Options for 'Law and Order: SVU'

@Anna Jayne@twitter i think i could straight-up RECITE it. ugh love it so much!

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