On Ways in Which Hashtags Will Further Ruin Your Facebook Feed

@yrouttasight i kind of like it! i feel like it's a new part of syntax that, as you say, is basically a shortened version of "Categorize this under...". language! evolving! etc!

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On This Summer: Stop Buying $5 Iced Coffees

@lora.bee the caffeine is what does it to me (same effect with caffeine pills)--and it's a great, cheap, gentle laxative for when you get all constipated from long airline flights!

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On The Original Swiss Army Knife

@harebellALL I WANT is an engraved silver phone case hanging from my waist.

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On Scrub?


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On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

this is awesome!

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On Current and Proposed DVR Recording Options for 'Law and Order: SVU'

@Anna Jayne@twitter i think i could straight-up RECITE it. ugh love it so much!

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On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

@cuminafterall a practical wedding is the beeeeeest!

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@ponymalta that is INCREDIBLE. i love to hate it.

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

i'd like to put in another plea that you keep running traditional advice columns! i'm a big reader of advice writing, and i think i'm part of an audience demographic that may not be visible or obvious because we don't necessarily or often comment (except you, @This is my new username!): (analytical, anxious, reflective) people who are looking for information about how life works and why people do what they do and what people want--information about human nature. for people like us, the main draw in reading advice columns is seeing how people describe their problems, and what elements their situations they identify as problematic, and how that overlaps with or differs from what the advice columnist identifies as the problematic elements. this is what's so awesome about, for example, megan dietz's and heather havrilesky's advice writing. they're more interested in thinking about what makes a situation "wrong" or weird or painful than about answering the kind of "do this or do that?"/"who's the jerk here?" dilemmas that, say, dear prudence, dan savage, and the ethicist focus on. i think there are a lot of other people like me, who are reading advice columns to kind of store up perspectives and analytical stances for a rainy day.

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

thank god for the eye-makeup portion of this. my favorite bronze eyeshadow (l'oreal; rated the most toxic eyeshadow on the market! hahahaha oh god) and coffee-brown kohl eyeliner (almay) were both discontinued this year, and though i spent stupid dollars buying up what was left on amazon i've still been in a panic about what i'll do when i've used up the replacements. and now i know what to do! YAY!!!

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