On Getting Guns

@queenofbithynia "entire point of dating a southern Republican" Aren't you forgetting the Bourbon expertise?

Mmm, bourbon.

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On Getting Guns

Disclaimer: I have a weird aversion to guns- I can see them, hold them, be around while others are shooting them (I have family members who shoot sporting clays), but for some reason, any time I fire one I cry. It's very strange and not related to any sort of trauma that I know of, I've just always felt panicked and distraught after firing any sort of gun.

That being said, I don't think it has anything to do with being female- I know men and women who enjoy going to the firing range. The only difference I have noticed is that my women friends will say that they are going to the range "to unwind" or relax, blow off steam, and will go solo as often as not, whereas the men I know seem to get more jazzed up and competitive about it, and generally want to go in groups. Small sample size, so it's not in any way conclusive, just something I noticed- anyone else have similar observations?

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On "The Incident in Alabama"

Ahhhhh so many of the details of this are so haunting to me. The son named Seth born on the original Seth's birthday is spooky! The daughter Phaedra is named after a character in Greek mythology who betrays her sister and leaves her on a desert island to steal her fiancée, then falls in love with her stepson, is spurned, cries rape leading to his death, and kills herself--so dysfunctional! The husband providing the gun and not needing an explanation of what, exactly, is "done" and knowing to pick her up at the loading dock is so suspicious!
This is going to haunt me....I really hope this is one sensational crime Law & Order doesn't adapt.

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On Dates and Dates

@leon s Not to get super "I took one Women's Studies course in college and here is what I have retained from it," but....
I think this is the main problem/vicious circle coming from society's insistence that women owe it to the men around them to look pretty, but if women look pretty enough to attract a man, they owe them affection in return. There have been a slew of articles lately about how women who want to move up the corporate ladder are expected to wear more makeup, etc., which suggests that maximizing her attractiveness is still a prerequisite for success even in fields where beauty should be irrelevant (not acting, modeling).
But there is an insidious attitude still that by making herself look attractive and inviting the male gaze, a woman is implicitly giving the man permission access to her body, visually and otherwise. I think some of the aggression in these encounters comes from men's subconscious view that the woman is rescinding a permission that the man feels has already been given through the medium of attractiveness, or even rejecting a reaction that men feel is "forced" from them.
I am not sure if any of this makes sense, but the more scary, aggressive reactions I've gotten from men that I rejected had this weird undercurrent of owing, that since I had somehow, unintentionally prompted them to attraction, it was my job to resolve the situation and if I did not, they were the aggrieved party who had been promised something and not received it.

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On First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'Parent-Teacher'

I clicked on the tag to see if there were more that I had missed but sadly no, pls rectify immed., I'll wait here.

Also, the "Ms." emphasis reminded me of this from a few months ago, which still pops into my head whenever I fill out forms online http://thehairpin.com/2012/10/mizzzzzz

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On The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

I imagine she is going to be unimpressed when the "Annual Giving" request envelope arrives at her house/tent/castle the same day the tuition check clears...perhaps she will give them a real reason to rebuild the field house?

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On "Texts or calls often and promptly"

@redheaded&crazy I guess the thing for me is that you don't HAVE to make those decisions right away, they can be procrastinated until you feel like you have a good answer? Like if you don't know right away if you want to kiss him, you don't have to decide to kiss him till later, you can kind of wait and see. And while you can decide that you want to hold his hand or put your hand on his leg, you can also decide to table that for another night? I guess I saw it more as "these decisions are non-mandatory but are there as options if you want them, but you can equally just ignore them and eat your chicken."

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On "Texts or calls often and promptly"

Did the comments on Rookie make anyone else feel kind of old and out of touch?

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On "Texts or calls often and promptly"

@Lily Rowan Absolutely agree with the "one more hour" thing. A friend if mine gave me some great advice as I was freaking out about whether and how much I liked the person I was about to go on a date with and what to do about it: "Look, it's just dinner. The most important decision you have to make tonight is 'do I want chicken?' Later on, you can decide if you like him enough to go on one more date." It seems obvious to me now, but at the time I did not even consider the idea that I didn't have to decide my future marital status within the first few hours I spent with a guy.
Really changed the whole ball game for me.

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On What Your Bag Says About You

Sooooo I have always been a D, meaning every 18 months or so I would find an inexpensive bag just big enough to hold what I needed (read: one size bigger than the last one, because my belongings expand to fill the space available to them), and carry it everywhere with me until a strap broke.
But I just received the B bag of my dreams this past Christmas, and I can't bring myself to use it out there in the world where it might get dirty or wet or break a strap! It is sitting in my room and I have more than once moved my cell phone and wallet into it before chickening out at the front door. Meanwhile my current D purse has a hole in its fake-patent and I keep carrying it every day because I am ok with it picking up bus germs...but I am kind of unhappy and dissatisfied that there is such a better option waiting at home.
Guys I think I might be kind of neurotic.

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