On Miss Manners Doesn’t Live Here

@hahahaha, ja. Sometimes I pretend not to know what they're talking about to see if I can push them into saying something really terrible so that I can then be like "J'accuse motherfucker!"

Also, this only started happening to me after I moved out of California, granted I did live in an area with a large Asian population.

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On Miss Manners Doesn’t Live Here

Man (it's always a man): Where are you from?
Me (Chinese girl): California
Man: No, I mean where are you REALLY FROM?

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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara Yes! Get it then tell me how much of your face fell off the first time you use it so I can gauge if my skin is normal. But seriously, it's completely addicting

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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara thanks for the tips everybody!
In skincare news, I just bought this cure aqua gel exfoliator stuff on amazon and it is BA-NA-NAs! Its this clear watery gel that you rub on your face and as you rub, all the dead skin just balls up and falls off in a totally disgusting/ satisfying way and then your skin is all soft and nice looking. Asian skincare technology is so beyond

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On Friday Open Thread

@cminor Can we make this the beauty/make up questions thread? Whats a good not too heavy foundation or tinted moisturizer for oily-ish skin? I'm kind of looking at that new benefit oxygen one, nars sheer glow, chanel vitalumiere aqua, or the laura mercier tm. ADVICE???

(i miss jane you guys)

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I just cut my hair from boob length to a just above chin length bob and I looooove it! It's super shiny and healthy looking, takes no time to wash, and hair products actually work now!

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On Dear Internet,

@laurel Paz is just too good. That messy brown lipstick, perpetual onscreen (and real life) nakedness, the way she calls everyone Daddy on Boardwalk Empire. I die. And yes to the LA light thing! Nobody on the east coast ever knows what I'm talking about but it's just different, sort of soft and hazy but absolutely golden.

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On Dear Internet,

I mean I do understand the flack she gets because she does seem sort of artificial and ridiculous sometimes but I also think that she is totally sincerely into everything she sings/talks about in a way that maybe makes people suspicious because they're not used to total transparency and earnestness? or maybe I'm overthinking it.
Video Games gets me every time though, so that's something.

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On Friday Open Thread

@area@twitter I'm also in Baltimore! It is wet and cold and I am...already drunk.
Unrelated but also sort of related: Should I start watching The Following?

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On Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@stonefruit Oops I posted a comment about Blinc further up in the section but I really like it! No smudging at all which is a first for me. I usually wear it for a daytime look though since it's not really that dramatic. I've been using the Givenchy Noir Couture for going out times since I usually do a smoky smudgy thing anyway so it doesn't matter if my mascara runs a bit

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