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On My Nom de Peen: The Surprising Effects of a Male Pseudonym

@saul "the bear" berenson Why do you think Crystal's comment sounds vindictive? I didn't get the sense that she didn't understand the article, but simply had a different point of view on course of action.

For the record, I loved the article....

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On The Rob Ford Pie

@Fear Biter Same here. It's such a tired joke and he naturally provides such a wealth of other material! My fondest hope is that sometime in the not too distant future these jokes will seem, to the majority of people, as horrible as the old, "Get a load of my mother-in-law, wacka, wakca, wacka!" jokes.

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On Farewell to "What The F*shion"

@mochi "Non-sequitur. Ha ha!"

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1


Love Flag Pole Sitta and Harvey Danger in general and think the song should have a 10 of 10 for 'Holds Up'!

Also, the quotes pulled are obnoxious, yes, but I think the lyrics are supposed to be pointing out what a jerk the 'character' in the song is? A very late-90's style jerki-ness.

Am I pointing out the obvious? I don't know! (Sorry if I'm being a mid-2010's style jerk!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@raised amongst catalogs Ahhhhhh.... just what I needed to hear right now. Congratulations!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine Have you tried Craigslist "Gigs" section? It's not for full-time work, more like, "Hey, we need somebody to enter data into these spreadsheets for the next 10 days. $10/hour." Or, "Hey, I need help weeding my garden. Can pay $8/hour at 10 hours, tops."

You have to wade through a lot of junk, but something to think about...

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby You are not alone. I applied for a job mid-May, had two (2) phone screens and two (2) in-person panel interviews spread out over June and into very early July and I am still waiting to hear back. I contacted the HR rep earlier this week and she told me they are finishing up the last round of interviews this coming week and will update me with a decision then. This will make the whole process a little over two months long!

Employers are really taking the whole "hire slowly" thing to heart these days - and it is soooo anxiety producing. Good luck to you...

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On "I Have Stories I Want to Tell": A Conversation with Filmmaker Ava DuVernay

Wow! Way to go Venus re: equal pay @ Wimbledon! And DuVernay sounds pretty amazing herself. Need to see if I get ESPN with my cable package so I can watch this. (Ha! Not generally a sports fan, can you tell?)

Love articles like this one, Emma. :O)

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On Friday Open Thread

@empathicalist That article is excellent. I had no idea! Also, the original meaning of some of words, like bimbo, should really be obvious on the face of it, but the new meaning has so obscured the old meaning we (or maybe it's just me :O) can't see it anymore.

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On Friday Open Thread

@empathicalist Webinar. Mere mention of this word makes me angry. Partly, I think, because I've never done a webinar that wasn't a complete waste of time. Ugh.

Agreed on whore and bitch. Also, don't really believe 'reclaiming' has ever worked.

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