On The Beauty Bridge

@Sea Ermine YESSSSS

At 7 for $26, they're also a steal! And come in both pretty patterns and solid black/white/"nude" (not me-nude, but there's only so much you can ask for)

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On The Beauty Bridge

Just ordered 10 different bras to try on! I love their underwear (lacy thongs and boybriefs—the only briefs that don't ride up my curvaceous ass!!!!), but never took the leap into the bras (at the pricey... erm, $20 with free shipping!). As my three four-year-old Victoria's Secret PINK bras fall apart, clearly it's time to switch to another teenage-oriented bra line, especially since literally all of VS's are actually pink-colored now.

We'll see if I'm really a 34AA (rather than an A) and if I've been deceiving myself all along! (They generally don't sell AAs in stores).

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On December 13th Now and Forever to Be Known as Beyday, a Celebration of Excellence, Surprises and Grown-Ass Women

crying over flawless right now.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Beaks I'm broad-shouldered (with tiniest chest ever) and i only know how to make my two statement necklaces work with higher crew-type necks, so i basically only wear them with my one white sleeveless peplum top. so it is only on the shirt. but also sometimes with a white/chambray button-down, with the top two buttons unbottoned, under the shirt? (cuz i'm not cool enough to do the jcrew button-to-the-top and wear statement bib necklace over the shirt, but that's a thing too.)

My guess is you will have better luck with scoop necks than v-necks? Because then it can sit on your chest above the scoop and not overlap with the shirt?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie Oooooh I love those Loft cords, I got them too! Super comfy but don't look like sausage casings on my legs, unlike most jeggings-type pants. The almost make me wish I had to wear business casual again? Eh, not really. In terms of pants, though, I'm a big fan of black jeans as pretending to be black pants, which they are, but they're also jeans, which are more comfortable and cool looking.

I also liked wearing wool pencil skirts with brightly colored tights and booties, or my Frye boots (add personality and not really office-y but still work if you do it with a skirt all nice?). The pencil skirt dresses it up enough so you can get away with more silly stuff (in my head, at least).

In terms of pants, I don't ever know what to do in the winter because besides my black jeans, most nice work pants really do need dry cleaning/ironing and I don't do that... But I like wearing tweed pants, wool pants, etc. (Express for lower-budget, J. Crew is nice too, although more $$$). Have you tried your cropped black pants with more fun shoes? I would try cuffing them a couple times and wearing them with brightly-colored flats, oxfords, booties, heels if you do that.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@katiechasm there is some study that shows that people get drunker drinking diet mixers vs. regular mixers, so maybe she's referring to that, but i don't know what the mechanism is...

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@Tragically Ludicrous NOPE

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@sidral mundet Unfortunately I have a hunch that the point of the 1-glass limit for ladies is that you in order for alcohol consumption to be healthy you probably shouldn't be feeling much at all? I think it has something to do with the fact that feeling a buzz/drunk means your body can't keep up with processing the alcohol you're consuming, and the fact that it's floating around instead of being converted into not-alcohol is what makes you feel it, and that is also what is not good for your bod. 95% conjecture here.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@florabora If the NYTimes recipes for health are any indicator, fruit soup looks DELICIOUS.


Also, plum and red wine soup: two in one, delicious breakfast???

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On Let's Play a Little Game Called "Bad Tab, Good Tab"

@j-i-a yeah, i was like OMIGAWD I DO DRINK A GLASS OF WINE AS A WAY TO ESCAPE MY PERFECTIONIST MIND WHEN I GET HOME AM I DEPENDENT. And then i was like a) one glass b) not always c) wouldn't not drinking at all and only drinking green tea be an even greater expression of perfectionist tendencies?

also, the lady who was like "i drink three glasses of wine every night and then i wake up in the morning groggy and go for a run." no shit you're groggy in the morning (presumably she's only sleeping like 5 1/2 hours a night), welcome to Life (0 drinks + 8.5 hours of sleep = i am still groggy in the morning because, ugh, it's time to get out of bed).

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