On Vintage T-Shirts Are Not Made In a Day

Hah, Lego-shaped! This is exactly how free t-shirts are, always and forever.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@eiffeldesigns I too am not into chocolate! And let's face it, the need to rabidly consume chocolate is probably the number 1 assumption made about women after "you are an object whose primary functions are decorative and reproductive."

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@A. Louise So...we're all under some giant lady's skirt? No wonder all the menfolk are paying attention. secretly.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

It's this guy's grasp of the *nuances* of womanhood that make me believe his site will be successful. I mean, I just read this article on feng shui, and I wasn't even wearing lipstick at the time. Dude TOTALLY GETS ME.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

I am into cheese, root beer floats, and dogs in Halloween costumes. I only dabble in yoga, which perhaps explains why I am terrible at interior design.

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On Who Has a Woman Problem?

@fondue with cheddar Yes! I'm just generally lazy/forgetful. Probably 30% lazy and 70% forgetful on your average day. Thanks for the reminder. :)

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On Who Has a Woman Problem?

Can we talk about how this is I think the first Hairpin post ever where the links open in a separate page??? ::DIES OF HAPPINESS IN WHAT IS NOT AT ALL AN OVERREACTION::

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On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High

@Blondsak Yeah, I gave up before I got the last award because I was the only student in my church's high school AWANA program (and let's be honest. I was literally only doing it to go to camp. I could not have been less interested in the AWANA program itself.)

I will say, however, all that Bible memorization gave me a huge leg up when it came to studying literature, especially the British stuff written before like 1900. That stuff's full of Bible references I would never have gotten otherwise.

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On Lesser-Known Fairytales from the Brothers Grimm Include "The Mouse, The Bird & The Sausage"

You knew a story called "The Mouse, the Bird & the Sausage" was going to a bad place when the characters agreed at the outset that all their food would be flavored with the juices of one of the main characters. Nothing good can ever come of this.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@eringobragh Ok, I did a quick googling and there were Flora and Fauna twins in some of Judy Blume's Fudge books...but googling some variation of "children named after the alphabet baby book" got mostly alphabet books and baby name books. Unsurprisingly. Somebody must know this. Does anyone know a children's librarian? (feeling very urgent all of a sudden about finding a book I had forgotten existed until 7 minutes ago.)

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