On Trading In, Trading Up: Substitutions for the Sexiest Man of 2013

I've been choosing to read People magazine's announcement as:
Adam Levine: sexist. Man, alive!

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On Saying No to Juice

@beetnemesis When people go on juice cleanses, their livers must be like, "What am I, chopped liver?"

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On Pumpkin-Chickpea-Almond-Butter Bars

Oh, Natalie. I can't wait to make these 'brownies.'

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On Neko Case's Tiny Desk Concert

@yeah-elle She is my hero. Did you see she's on the cover of the latest issue of Bust magazine?

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On "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

Yesterday, a Marketplace reporter (who is latina) was talking about her own experience of being followed around in stores.

"I was followed by security. And I'm looking at the other female shoppers who were not of color -- no one's following them around," she says. "And the assumption at the register was that I was going to wear the dress I was buying and try to return it."

But then she started shaming the kid who bought that Ferragamo belt, saying that was his real crime--buying something so expensive to acquire instant status.

"Within the urban community, the assumption is that you can buy status," Wong Ulrich says. "So these kids grow up around these department stores and all they want with their first paychecks -- such as with that young man who spent $350 on a belt, which was his real crime -- is to get something that conveys status. Because it's something that they feel like they can actually buy -- as opposed to they feel like everything is against them in terms of getting a college degree and actually advancing in the workplace. Buying that $350 belt was instant status for this guy."

I guess she was saying that she earned her status and these young people being profiled didn't. I'm not sure why she even brought that up. Isn't the issue simply that stores shouldn't profile? Her comments aren't making her case stronger in my opinion.


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On Is Snooze the Enemy?

But I've grown so used to setting two alarms for different times and hitting snooze on both exactly four times each.

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On Writer's Block Soup

Lentils AND sriracha? Marry me.

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On Susan Faludi on Facebook Feminism & the Danger of "Individual Women Empowering Themselves by Deserting Other Women"

@Mae How timely. Yesterday, Slate published an article called Stop Calling All Criticism "Shaming".

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On Friday Open Thread

@phipsi Those little mustaches on sticks. Maybe some fancy flavored sodas.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

@Urwelt I hear you. I think if I leave the journal out where I can see it, I might do ok. It's the perfect before-bed activity for me.

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