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On Friday Open Thread

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On "Is Conscious Uncoupling Anything Like Really Terrific Opera?"

"During the upper Paleolithic period of human history..." Oh my Goodness. She's having a Paleo divorce.

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On Crowdsourcing Preventing Abuse in the Workplace

@sceps yarx
Holy shit. I'm really sorry.

Can I apologize on behalf of the patriarchy? Cause I'm sorry, and that sucks.

Just gonna leave it at that.

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On Friday Open Thread

I hate baseball analogies. Also, I feel you. I hadn't conceptualized relationships in those terms in years. Physical tastes vary, and attraction fuses to weirder (more important?) qualities. Then I got the same advice, and I was like "leagues?" My best relationships have begun with shock that a lady so amazing wanted me, and with her expressing mirrored incredulity. "Why me?" is a wonderful phrase to think while hearing. And someday, you'll be there.

I figure, in things romantic, go for it. Just don't build a hypothetical, successful future, and then mourn its loss. In other words, you never know until you know, and knowledge shouldn't hurt.

Um, so I think this moved from a statement of sympathy to directly encouraging you to ask this woman out because it will build character.


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On Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

"What would be the basis for the belief that women release special bonding hormones?"

That would be abstinence-only education. In other words, it's a lie.


They claim that Oxytocin, about which we understand little (other than a connection to sex), forms everlasting emotional bonds, (that's where they sneak in the lie) so you can never love anyone as purely as you love the first person you mash genitals with. (That's the insane conclusion based on the lie.)

Children learn this. I am restraining my rage.

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On Eating Good Cheap Food

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On Friday Open Thread

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You run out of coffee. It's fantastic.

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On Friday Open Thread

I intend to make utterly foolish life decision mistakes this weekend. Wish me luck, and have a drunk to unforced errors.

That should read "have a drink" but I found the typo appropriate.

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On Friday Open Thread

@beerd Whoa. That was weird. My grad school anxiety questions have been replaced by my political bloviating meant for downthread. I think this means I need to get off the internet.

Good luck with the application. Happy weekend, all.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Seriously. Numbers! Either Mitt didn't respect math or he was really certain Republicans could suppress turnout.

Also, did anyone notice that Bill O'Reilly's "the white establishment is now a minority" speech was basically the plot of Birth of a Nation?

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