On Name That Book!

@KFo YES. You are a super sleuth! I kept finding The Horse Boy, which is a touching story about autism, but not quiet what I had in mind. :) Thanks so much!

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On Name That Book!

This may go unseen, but it's a girl who goes to live in a mansion with her spinster aunts, and she visits the woods when she's lonely, and meets a magical boy with a flock of colored ponies. (COLORED PONIES!!!) I think he calls them with a flute?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: The B Stands For...

@parallel-lines I registered to second this. I bought an "apartment-sized" sofa much like this one (the Corona?) from Macy's and it's one of the few solid purchasing decisions I have ever made. Beautiful and comfortable. That said, I just bought this couch for our garage... Because $249 and free shipping? (And because one time my sister and I got bedbugs in NY from an end table we found on the street AND I DIED INSIDE.) Anyways, I will find out soon exactly how uncomfortable the UO version is. P.S. Hairpin, I hope you get a kickback.

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