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By LiterarySara on Middlemarch Is a Sexy Novel About Sex

Only this:

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By bitzy on Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

@lucy snowe That dressing room! My first real look at what time does to women's bodies and the various support garments meant to hide such ravages.

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By Neve Garrett on Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

@lucy snowe Truly. I mean, I got my wedding dress at Loehmann's. Can I just say that again? MY WEDDING DRESS. $80, Calvin Klein, gorgeous. I will always remember standing in that glowy gown in the big, open Loehmann's dressing room in midtown Manhattan, surrounded by ladies in various states of undress. Oh, Loehmann's. You will be missed.

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By Danzig! on Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

You gotta watch out for those store liquidation sales, tho. What can often happen is that when a firm is taken over by creditors to be sold off, they change the pricing goalposts - they'll cut listings by 60% or whatever, and technically that's true, but most consumers will assume that the price of reference is the store price that existed when the firm was still in business.

What creditors tend to do is use the true cost of the item to the store, and that can be quite a bit higher. When Circuit City shut down, for example, people cleaned their shelves and in so doing paid more per item than they would have had they gone in a month earlier. People are more liable to be spendthrifts if they feel like they're getting away with something. But if you put in time to be a savvy consumer (I tend to do this with record buying) you can catch them in the act and go elsewhere.

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By zayetz on Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

in my corner of suburban minneapolis there was a Loehmanns in a strip mall that my mom and I went to frequently in the mid 90s. my mom had the credit card and we would get wonderful coupons in the mail and go get lost for a few hours. it was my first experience with designer clothes. We showed up one day with a stack of coupons on the verge of expiring and the Loehmanns was gone. no going out of business sign, no mailings, nothing. Just and empty storefront with not a hint of what used to be there. We were so sad! I remember sitting stunned in the parking lot and my mom finally making some comment about how she should probably cancel her credit card. For a long time I actually thought that ours was the only Loehmanns in the universe.

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By rabbittime on A Shopping List From the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalog

@stonefruit Its kind of tempting to be like 'haha, people used to be so weird about ladybits, what would they need this for!' but uterine prolapse is a real, sucky and common thing that is still not always entirely correctable. :-( I had an elderly relative recently go through unsuccessful surgery for it. I'm not trying to be shamey, mind...I mostly think the fact that the largely educated women of this site still don't know this shit happens commonly is evidence of how "womens' troubles" still are considered impolite to talk about, to our detriment.

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By Onymous on Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics

I was going to make a biathlon joke but that seemed super dark.

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By zeytin on What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

I hope this isn't rude to point out, but shampoos weren't artificially darkening your hair before-- the constant application of vinegar has lightened it. I have used vinegar to lighten my hair, and I still shampoo it. It is only mildly acidic so it happens slowly, but you are "artificially" lightening your hair with the vinegar over time.

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By han on An Interview with Porpentine, Maker of Mutant Feminist Cyber Games

YESSSsssss I am so excited to see Porpentine on the Hairpin, she is amazing. I would love to see more indie game devs on here, there is so much interesting work being done especially in interactive fiction, a genre that was basically dead for a very long time.

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