On Friday Open Thread

@km1312 I am late to the party, but a former Coloradan (and would go back in a minute)! Denver sounds right up your alley--however, sometimes people from NYC find that Denver doesn't work for them, especially if they get stuck living in the suburbs/borderlands of Denver and have a sense of it as a sprawling, strip-mally place. Stick with central Denver neighborhoods--you will find perfectly affordable housing, especially compared to NYC!

Dog & hiking will make you fit right in. Summer can be very hot, but always incredibly dry. Invest in good lotion and a water bottle you like. I lived in Denver with no car, which is doable--the bus system is pretty comprehensive, straightforward, and reasonably timely; lightrail is slowly builing a usable system. You will want a car (or at least a really good friend with a car) for all the times you want to take your dog hiking in the mountains.

If you like beer, you are in business: craft breweries grow like weeds. If you are not interested in strangers smiling at you and greeting you in the street, you will not like Colorado.

For a bigger change (smaller place), people also seem to like Fort Collins.

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@yeah-elle This does not clarify regional or generational, but I just came across "dips" of ice cream in Toni Morrison (The Bluest Eye) yesterday!

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On Let's Have a Michelada

@Danzig! Abso-freaking-lutely. I am up(/down?) to recommend most anything in Denver anytime.

(<3 u, Denver!)

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On "Hum for the Bolt"

That was thoroughly delicious. Jamaal, The Hairpin ENTHUSIASTICALLY ACCEPTS you & your fine work--please come on back any time!

"I am this far. I am this close."

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On Let's Have a Michelada

@Danzig! If you are looking for Denver micheladas: may I recommend the ones at Pinche Tacos (Colfax & York)--so spicy! ....also EVERYTHING at Pinche?

Arepas I have only had in Denver at the stand in the farmers market, which are decent and quite large. Other arepas I think can be found out east Colfax, but I can't vouch.

signed, a nostalgic ex-Denverite

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On On Romance and Psychosomatic Sneezing

@SarahP I know that I am late to this party (I was out of town), but--me too me too me too! Hello, fellow hunger-sneezer! I thought everyone sneezed when they were hungry until not that many years ago.

My cursory internet research some time ago suggested that an allergic-type response (sneezing, nose running) to nausea is a Known Thing (I forget why), and so maybe the nausea of extreme hunger is the sneeze trigger? I don't have to be nauseous-hungry to get the hunger-sneezes, though.

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On Friday Open Thread

@weebleswobble @Sarah H. This is a variation/mistaken version of my favorite joke(s) as a child! Q: Where do you find a dog with no legs? A: Right where you left it! Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes? A: No idea/No-eye deer!

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise The best (/worst) moving advice I ever received was from this scraggly mid-60s friend. He told me: "Well, moving out is always easier--gravity's on your side. You have a balcony, right?"

Joking aside, my last moving-out week the weather was quite literally 100 degrees all week. The beverage you are looking for is a hasty Michelada: Corona/Corona equivalent beer, hearty pinch of salt, a few shakes of Tapatio (or other Mexican hot sauce), wedge of lime. Replenishes electrolytes, not too much alcohol so you can keep drinking them and stay reasonably hydrated, spicy + tangy keeps you lively. Side benefit: you can mix it in the bottle/can after you pack all the glassware.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@SeaMoney That little fabric bag was damn useless and came apart pretty quick. After 8 years of use I have gotten pretty un-finicky about all things cup related (see above dropping in toilet, giving up on boiling, etc), so at home I let it dry on a counter edge or reasonably clean spot in a bathroom cabinet and then just kind of forget about it in the back of the cabinet for a month. Traveling, it floats around in my toiletries bag, communing quietly with my toothpaste and contact case until I need it, or gets packed amongst undies and a few cloth pantyliners.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@Valley Girl I only use them as back-up for a cup, so they don't actually end up with that much on them and I just toss 'em in with everything else--never been a problem at all. If I full-time bled on them, I'd probably rinse them at the end of the day and leave them to dry out, then toss em in the wash. I am with you on the soaking bucket--especially in the summer, it sounds like rotting bucket to me.

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