By Emby on Do You Suffer From Nomophobia? Probably.

@fondue with cheddar "Hey, has anyone seen my Google Glasses? Can someone call them?"

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By Cliterary Device on What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

@pajamaralls: When I think of Gwyneth Paltrow, the meal that comes to mind is buttered bread, that is room temperature. It's appearance has the curated aspiration of finer things, but quietly accepts that it will impart no more than the flavor of beige once out of view, in the mouth.

Can portraits be made out of whipped organic butter and artisanal heritage bread in much the same way as a yogurt medium? Using a paintbrush made from the beards of Parisian squirrels?

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By Tuna Surprise on How to Politely React to Your Friend's Terrible Engagement

Is this a guide for the rare instance where "Congratulations, how wonderful." won't do?

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By Tuna Surprise on Selfie Lovers Forced to Explain Themselves

As a non-Millennial and decidedly uncool person, I take selfies because I vacation by myself and sometimes I want more than my toes in the pictures. The photo scourge of my generation, was the drunken-woman pile where everyone had their arms around each other, people were slouching and the camera flash washed the whole thing out.

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By PomoFrannyGlass on Friday Open Thread

Allow me to begin today's thread of romantic misfortunes!

I just found out that my dude best friend, who was in my wedding and has held my hand through and since my divorce, kiiind of tried to hook up with my ex-husband while black-out wasted several months ago. I feel really weird.

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By laurel on Friday Open Thread

You guyyys, my Hairpinnery has exposed me to the internet via Buzzfeed listicalism. See no. 22.

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By Tuna Surprise on A Chat with Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

Great interview, as always!

The Hairpin has gone through some changes in content and tone in the past bit and I love to see it head more in this direction.

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By JessicaLovejoy on What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

I enjoy Propped Up with Pillows in Bed, but Le Alone At the Kitchen Table with a Podcast is closing in.

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By catsjimjams on Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler oh my god WEAR A HELMET. I live in Vietnam and I'm telling you, *no one* wears a helmet to ride a bicycle. I do! I do everyday! You want to know why? It's a horrible, true story. My friend, who went to the same school as me, was living in Vietnam also and she was drunk and not wearing a helmet and involved in an accident and is *now mentally handicapped for life*.

I seriously wish I was making this up.

Wear a helmet wear a helmet wear a helmet oh my goddds.

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By SarahP on Nice to Meet You, Internet

I am into walks, cats, eyeshadow, weeding, and, apparently, clicking the thumbs-up button on ALLLLLL the comments in this thread.

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