On Friday Open Thread

Oh those sound like great ideas! A grocery store bookshop?? Yes, please. We will be there Monday through (unspeakably early) Thursday. If I can just have a margarita in my hand at all possible times, I will consider it a success.

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On Friday Open Thread

Ahhh! Did I miss everyone?? I'm headed to Austin on Monday with le boyfriend and I'm wondering if any pinners have suggestions. Food, sights to see, etc. We are both nerds who plan to peruse a few book shops and see the LBJ library, if that helps paint a picture of what we are looking for.

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On 10 Years, Actually: Colin & Harriet, Daniel & Sam

These are making me so happy. My boyfriend, adorably, loves this movie. I was telling him about these posts, which I guess prompted him to ask which couple from the movie we were most like. After careful consideration, the consensus was, "the porn couple." And I couldn't be happier.

*End sappy, self-centered post."

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On Writing About Dead Family Members

@Decca Agreed! I couldn't stop telling people about it after I read it. The image of the dolphins rising up against us really got me. Not the dolphins! Well that and the bear...

On a similar note, the one about Bunny Wailer was so good I read it twice.

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On Friday Open Thread

@noodge Well congrats to you, too! (Imagine me now making a toast to us and taking initiative.)

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On Friday Open Thread

Friday, glorious Friday! I wanted to shamelessly gloat for a hot second since no one at my job wants to hear it. I got a new job! I got a new job! I finally quit my miserable dead end job and took a chance on one that will hopefully pay off in many happy and fulfilling dividends.
End not-so-humble-brag.

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

Reading this at work like a professional. Laughing so hard I spill bean burrito on myself. Even more professional.


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On 'Pinup Roundup

@Danzig! Ah! I was about to post one of these myself! I'm dying to go to a Denver 'Pinup. Let's make this happen yesterday!

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