On Ask a Fancy Person: First Parties, Working for Free, and What to Do When Your Gym Is Crawling with Children

@cordovan sofa I've been to a lot of gyms and have never been to one where small children running around was allowed or encouraged. I don't think it's the same thing as declaring a space to be "adults only" for the benefit of the adults, as one might do with a bar. Bars don't really pose any safety hazards to kids, so deciding they're not allowed is simply a cultural thing. I DO think gyms are inherently dangerous to little ones. There are fast-spinning belts on treadmills, weights swinging around and crashing to the ground, big people jumping and kicking, etc. I can easily envision kids sticking fingers under the weight stack in a cable machine, or falling off a treadmill, or trying to touch the treadmill belt. That would be the case at any gym. Regardless of whether the OP complained about safety or not, I think it's a completely sensible reason to not allow kids small enough to "toddle around."

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On Ask a Fancy Person: First Parties, Working for Free, and What to Do When Your Gym Is Crawling with Children

Generally good advice, but " If you can’t press your weights without making sex sounds, you’re lifting too much" is definitely not true. It might be annoying to some, but it doesn't mean you're lifting too much.

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On Which Spice Girl Were You in Fifth Grade?

in fifth grade, i sat in a group of five girls who assigned ourselves the spice girls. the black girl with curly hair was Scary (of course), the wan whispering artistic one was baby, the jockiest one was sporty (even though she had red hair!!), the other blonde girl was ginger, and i was posh because i had brown hair. i was not terribly rich though, and my brother was in 2nd grade.

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On The Hungover Airport Struggle

hungover is the only way to fly.

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On What It's Like to Seek a Late Abortion in the "Most Pro-Life" State in America

i know i'm preaching to the choir here, but wooow don't read the comments on the MSNBC article. an astounding display of cognitive dissonance with people saying that she selfishly aborted the child as a form of birth control/for her own convenience, and at the same time saying that the parents are poor and uneducated and already have 3 kids and where do they get off thinking they should have another?

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On Writer's Block Soup

@PrimordialToothpaste is this actually important? i cook with lentils a lot and have sorted them approximately zero times. i pull out ugly-lookin things when i see them.

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On Which Name Is Weirder, Saxby Chambliss or Barkevious Mingo? The Answer May Tell You Whether or Not You're Racist

@OhMarie combining mothers' and fathers' names is common among my peoples, too (puerto rican). juan + maria = jumari, carmen + luis = caris, etc.

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On Frosting or Icing? Firefly or "Peenie Wallie"? Brew-Thru, Beverage Barn, or "I Have Never Heard of This Concept"?

As an Army brat, I enjoyed punking this quiz. I grew up all over the southeast and midwest, with some years in Puerto Rico (my dad is from PR and my mom from Virginia). My results are nonsensical: top cities are Boston, Newark, and Fort Lauderdale--never lived near any of them. My least similar cities are Flint, Akron, Toledo, and Cincinnati...and I actually lived in Cincinnati for 3 years. I guess I'm a contrarian.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@Li'l Sebastian yeah those studies are relevant to public health policy debates but not really personal safety decisions. i didn't mean to call YOU snooty, either, i've just heard those arguments from too many snooty folks.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@TheDragon lol everyone i am a girl and in a long term relationship with a guy who wears a helmet. i'm just saying, no helmet wearing is a risky behavior i couldn't tolerate in a partner because i wouln't be able to deal with the repercussions if something went wrong...surely everyone has standards like these (won't date smokers, stuntmen, whatever)

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