On Survival Prognoses for Characters on Orange is the New Black If They Were Instead Characters on Game of Thrones

BEST POST EVER. You've made me so happy for saying that Taystee and Poussey live a long and happy life together. They are wonderful and they deserve happiness. Ugh, who cares about Piper!

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On Craft(ing) Beer on a Budget: Five Questionable Recipes

Love this and want to try it. And totally identify with the sentiment that oh, I'd make tons of stuff from scratch if I had the space! Yes, if I had a huge yard and a big fancy kitchen, I'd be growing all my own food, cooking everything from scratch and canning like mad, instead of growing a couple of sad little plants and avoiding "cooking" except for making scrambled eggs, rice, and salad with precooked chicken or fish from the deli case. Yes, definitely...in my mind at least...

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Robert Redford, Golden Boy

Aah I haven't even read it yet but ohmygosh so excited a new Classic Scandals post! I want to inhale it all at once, but I will try to read it slowly and savor it.

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On Okay, So, Remember That Post With the "Men's Health" Cover?

@SarahDances omygosh, I hadn't seen that, and it's brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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On "The tragedy of Obama's presidency is that he's too much of a Ravenclaw and not enough of a Gryffindor."

Omigosh so brilliant and hilarious!

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@Bootsandcats yes, Rakharo is hot. It is known!

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@Catina Wig sorry just regular creepy to me! But then I put Viserys in my top six so who am I to judge?

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@Crumbling Slut Love Varys's expressions in this. He's awesome!

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@tiemposbuenos re: Lancel, the actor's kind of cute in House of Anubis, which is this awesome supernatural/horror/comedy/boarding school show on Nick. But on GoT ugh ick! The haircut and hat don't help, for sure. #39 is the right spot.

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@RealCambridge Love your avatar!

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