On A Conversation About Books and Money

@() @() I've been to Powells and physically it's a fantastic store to dwell in for a few hours or days. However, I've had extremely poor luck ordering used from them online, to the point where I will no longer do it despite my desire to support them. If a book has water damage, funky stains, highlighting, or a broken spine, I do not consider it even sellable, much less in good to very good condition as they advertise.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@Lily Rowan Sometimes us cute girls who work at independent bookstores just get so beaten down by the blythe "No, I'll just buy it on amazon!" as a response every time we offer to order anything to anyone under fifty that we don't make the offer. It's a demoralizing thing to hear day in and day out. I don't blame anyone for doing it, but it always strikes me as unimaginably rude to tell someone to their face that you're going to go home and buy from the competition that's slowly been putting you out of business.

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