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@martinipie My roommate is an astrologer's apprentice! New ask-a column???

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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

Hmm, I mean yoga teachers definitely say a lot of irritatingly cheery/medically unsound bullshit, but it also raises my hackles when they take the opposite tack e.g. "LET'S STRETCH THIS OUT, NO PRISONERS NO NEW AGE CHAKRA TALK JUST SWEAT" I'm happy I found a teacher who keeps the spiritual/meditative part of yoga intact without slipping into ridiculousness. (Not that everybody has to practice the spiritual/meditative part of yoga, of course; to give context, I grew up in an Eastern religion and I'm a little defensive of people either dismissing it as woo-woo or appropriating it.)

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On Miss Manners Doesn’t Live Here

@RK Fire My fave is going to get my hair cut and coming out with a frizzy yet ratty mullet because the stylist insists on taking a razor to my hair, since "razors do wonders for Asian hair." I am Asian and have hair, but my hair is curly and you can hear it hiss when you get close to it with a razor! There isn't just one kind of Asian hair!

(Also, like 99.99% of the time that one Asian will be Lucy Liu.)

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

@queenofbithynia That is good to know! The work uniform for recent grads in my city tends strongly toward the Fakequestrian, which I think is super-cute but not so flattering on me. And I think that maybe when I wear pencil skirts, it alerts people to the fact that I have capital-H Hips, which is a cue that I am in fact old enough to drive/be outside without a guardian. At any rate, though, I'm happy to be confused for an intern instead of an eighth grader, so I'll take it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

LW2, I feel your pain! I'm 24 and frequently get mistaken for 15/16 or even younger: one time I was getting a manicure, the technician asked where my mom was, because she thought I was a middle schooler. I'm also very short, so it's hard to pull off some Adult Lady clothes. Shopping in the petites section is an exercise in grandma clothes elimination. I've had the best luck at Ann Taylor (petites) and the petites section of Nordstrom for work clothes. Both stores are expensive but also have good sales, so that's when I swoop. Also, Marc by Marc Jacobs often has clothes in prints that are fun and colorful but not childish...or at least they did like 3 years ago, because I pick up that ish at thrift/vintage stores on the cheap.

I have noticed that I am perceived as an adult when I wear makeup, particularly of the foundation/clean polished eye makeup variety--the look you get if you go to the Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier counter. And that's true at the bar as well as in professional settings. But foundation feels really uncomfortable, and frankly I'm far too lazy to be arsed with putting on makeup every morning. (And, I'm not thrilled about the idea that adult womanhood=makeup. Not that anyone shouldn't wear makeup if s/he wants to wear it, of course! I just don't like to wear it and am annoyed that people think I am a child. Blahh)

So, when I went for job interviews, I wore a pretty, colorful blouse and a black pencil skirt and some nude heels, and threw on some professional-looking makeup and jewelry. And once I got a job, immediately began wearing jeans and T-shirts into the office every day thereafter.

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