On A Very Rare Look Inside the Lisa Frank Headquarters

I wish the video were longer! I grew up with Lisa Frank, I had all the unicorn school supplies--it was my favorite. Seeing it all again, I think that ice cream sundae illustration is pretty awesome (and the flying hot dogs/hamburgers!!)

I love that she owns her craziness--I now want a whole documentary on Lisa Frank to be made.

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On The College Course on "Criminal"

@Big Rig and Jesse I agree! I loved this video when it came out and it is still one of my favorite music videos of all time. The director wanted to create the feeling of 35mm snapshots--something I found out only this past year, but really hit home as to why I loved the feeling of it. Everything just goes together so well, the slight camera movements, the colors, the lighting, the use of 'red eye,' the fact that you can see no one else's face but Fiona's, the clothes, the VHS tapes and the TV that raises up from the coffee table....I can go on and on, but I'll stop there :]

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On Sailors' Valentines Being Traditionally Belated...

@breccia nooooo I do not agree with this sentiment!

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On Sailors' Valentines Being Traditionally Belated...

I am such a sucker for SHELL ART. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have so many seashells that I must create something with SOON!

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

For the first time in my life I was seated next to a very attractive guy on a recent flight that I really just wanted to sleep through (I like to sleep through all my flights and have become really good at it!). However, he was listening to the WORST rock music. I could hear it from his headphones, it all sounded the same, like some weird Creed/Puddle of Mud/Nickelback hybrid. Totally unattractive and I totally passed out (window seat!)

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On Get This Look: Baked Goods

@HereKitty where is this from?? I remember reading this 'soft teacakes' line somewhereeee

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On Other Controversial Jennifer Lawrence Acceptance Speech Moments

I love First Wives Club so freaking much!

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On How Did I Get Here [to This Weird Astrology Site]?

@Weasley <3 pagacorns <3

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On How Did I Get Here [to This Weird Astrology Site]?

I cannot begin to explain how much I LOVE to get lost in the depths of the Internet, it's really one of my favorite past times. Most times I have a reason to begin my search, then once that is done I begin delving into the content of different sites and looking up subjects/names mentioned in other tabs on my browser, then do the same with those tabs. Sometimes, I just like to search things like 'glitter' or 'Jello molds' and see where that takes me. I keep a running list of interesting subjects and websites on my Evernote and revisit them later on.

Haha, I just realized how amazingly strange this makes me sound, but I can't help but be so intrigued by the vast amount of information (fact, fiction, absurd) the Internet has to offer! I LOVE going to libraries as well and just walking around browsing the books, so I guess that kind of translates into my love for random Internet wormholes...

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On This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I've never, ever owned a credit card and, honestly, kind of scared of them.

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