On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@stonefruit This is LW2. I'm posting a response here so it doesn't get buried waaay at the bottom of all the threads, but I'm responding in general to all the DTMFA messages. :)

First of all, I love you guys. I did in fact break up with him about three weeks ago, but I've been getting "Sweetheart I love you and we can work things out" texts from him. You guys have buoyed me to stick with my guns and stay away from him, even if it means an hour and a half commute to university from my parents' house each weekday. Now the final hurdle is going to get my stuff. *gulp*

Also!! I have found the most wonderful guy in England who treats me like a queen and is nothing at all like my boyfriend from the letter. He is the sweetest, kindest, loveliest, gentlest, but still devilishly sexiest individual and throws everything my ex did into sharper relief. If we can last through long distance + a visit in February and one in March, then I graduate in May, I'm heading over there again to be with him!

So thank you, Pinners (and A Queer Chick of course!!), for having my back. <3 you all!

Posted on January 12, 2013 at 7:44 am 23