On Bless Us, Every One

@PatatasBravas See, I always understood that the first names on the invitations were from the people who paid for the wedding -- so traditionally, it was "Mr. and Mrs. BridesMaidenName invite you to the marriage of their daughter, Bride, to Groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. GroomsLastName."

In our case, my parents paid for about 1/2 the wedding, we paid for about 3/8, and my husband's parents contributed the other 1/8, so our invitations said, "MyName and HisName, together with their parents, MyDad and MyMom LastName and HisDad and HisMom LastName, invite you..."

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On Thursday, March 14: Pope, Reader, Higgs, Pi

@LaLoba Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell negotiated with WB to let them do the movie if they proved they had the fanbase to support it. Their Kickstarter raised $2M in 12 hours, and is still going strong. VMars movie 2014!

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On Thursday, March 14: Pope, Reader, Higgs, Pi

And the most important news of yesterday - Veronica Mars movie!

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On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

@fondue with cheddar Fill your cheek with mashed potatoes, then say, "Look, I'm a zit!", squeeze your cheeks, and squirt potatoes out of your mouth. It's a disgusting hit at the kids' table at Thanksgiving.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@gobblegirl But only some Canadian milk comes in a bag. Here, it stopped coming in bags around the time the milkman stopped delivering it to the door.

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