By thiscallsforsoap on Friday Open Thread

Thesis writing writing thesis writing writing thesis thesis going crazy crazy crazy crazy going.

(By the way, giving me 4 months to write a thesis is a great way to give me 3 months to catch up on all the RPGs that came out while I was in grad school and 1 month to panic and write my thesis).

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By redheaded&crazy on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@mrs psmith dude we should totally replace "someone who has not had sex" with "someone who has not yet juggled" as a major Life Marker.

I've heard that girls who've never juggled before get way too attached.

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By Waterbears on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@lasso tabasco For real, yes it is!

It's interesting to hear the perspective of someone who's chosen not to have vaginal sex, but I feel like one of her core reasons for avoiding PIV is based on the incorrect assumption that bonding hormones are ONLY released during vaginal sex. Not that I'm an expert on bonding hormones, but I'm pretty sure they're released when you orgasm...?

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By laurel on Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

Is “I’m not going to have sex with you if you’re a virgin because virgins get attached” a direct quote from Girls?

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

I am a little hungover at work because I drank my sadness last night due to news that my dad's lymphoma prognosis wasn't looking good as far as treatment options, but then I woke up this morning to a message from my mom that the latest bone marrow pull showed almost zero cancer in his bones after the most-recent chemo combo! Huzzah! It ended up being a good Friday indeed!

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By Heat Signature on Friday Open Thread

My five year-old son has a school dance tonight (well, it's for parents and the kids, not really a dance dance), and I'm expecting hilarity to ensue. Also, he wants a faux-hawk so that'll be happening.

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By fondue with cheddar on The Personalized Party Piñata

@annebee Yes, but first you have to listen to some stories about our exes, so you can feel the rage when you're bashing them. ;)

Your deer piñata sounds great!

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By funfetti on The Personalized Party Piñata

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By dj pomegranate on Friday Open Thread

mr. pomegranate and i just applied for our marriage license at NYC city hall! Two weeks til I'm a married lady. Drinks all around!

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By Mad Dog on Three Stories About Leonard Cohen

@annebee I came out of lurkerdom just to say that I also saw Leonard Cohen a few years ago at the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre and it was a transcendent experience. I am jealous I no longer live in Victoria, otherwise I would totally go!

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