On Twelve Days Biking and Camping Alone Along the Pacific Coast

@etc etc Surlys are awesome! I have a crosscheck and it is so fun to ride. I have a big crush on the pacer as well, such a nice design.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Scarlet

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose completely I guess. I think of "virginity" as more of a sliding scale of experience rather than an abrupt change. Otherwise there are a lot of gay virgins out there.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emma Peel haha I read it the way you meant without even noticing. I knew what you meant. I think you are right about what to do.

That's a good way of putting it. No way to grieve. You are supposed to just move on but this whole part of your life is gone.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emma Peel Yeah, I'm usually pretty good about bringing stuff up. But this time - at least with the partying friend - I just don't know. It's been building over time and I just am done with her superiority thing, and with the rudeness. Even when I am coming out with her she acts like she owns the place...

Thanks for the advice, it's just hard to totally accept moving on.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm sure this will be all the way down at the bottom buried but I'm having some friend insecurities this week and I feel weird. One of my best friends has been acting more and more elusive over the past few months, however weird it sounds I really think she suffers from FOMO to the extreme. It impacts everyone when she is with them, she's always dying to go somewhere else, texting a million people, leaves parties super early. And she treats me like I'm pathetic and uncool for not going to the bar 5 times a week. I'm feeling over it, but then like I'm losing a friend.

Another friend is tiring me out talking about her new bf all the time. And only ever just talks about what she's into and expects me to reach the same levels of excitement. Like about her ringtone, or a card game that she wants to play two weeks from now. It feels like she doesn't really get that I'm not just another version of herself.

I don't know. I feel like my choice of close friends is turning out not so great.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I know! It's so sick

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee oooooh he is so sweet looking!

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On Friday Open Thread

@PaperbackLady what type of cleanser do you use with it?

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On Friday Open Thread

@sprayfaint I totally felt that same thing. You think you will find your dream home, but I guess really your dream home might just not come up for a few more months or years or it's too expensive, or it doesn't exist and you just buy the best thing that fits your budget and then it happens and who knows what happens next!?!?!

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee oooh! I need these too. I'm doing a lot of repetitive lab work these days

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