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On Remaining Kinds of Behavior That Could Become a Distraction to the BSA

@wee_ramekin I remember being trained as a young teen camp counselor on how to sensitively support a girl coming out as lesbian while in my care. This was, like, 1993, IN UTAH.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

@hallucinas Okay but maybe this will help. My daughter wanted to sleep straight through the night every night when home from the hospital. But she was too young to physically do that, and lost a lot of weight, so the doctor had me set an alarm to wake HER up every two hours and take her in to be weighed every day.

So instead of waking up to a hungry baby, I woke up to an alarm clock and then had to wake a baby up, which I thought sucked super bad. Maybe imagine this scenario next time someone talks about having a good sleeper?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: The B Stands For...

@parallel-lines Thank you for this info! I was dying for that sofa and didn't know what to do with my furnishing lust.

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On Pterodactyl Stork

Oh wow, Harvard, just looking for a willing uterus? Really working hard to improve the post-Larry Summers reputation still, huh?

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On Interview With a Crab Louse

@Scandyhoovian I'm totally on board with you for this entire rage, but then I sort of wandered off into wondering if I could transplant my leg hair into my thin and fine scalp hair. I bet that'd really give my roots a boost.

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On Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

@Nicole Cliffe And why is there even still oil in this lamp? Dammit, now they'll have to put a light bulb in. Doesn't 47 euros per year in oil seem like a lot? What's this church's carbon footprint? etc etc.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Ben

I love this article. Ben seems like an amazing person. I liked especially the over-thinking about physical boundaries. I get the same way! Actually I have a loooot in common with Ben (including moving to Colorado) so it's overall great to hear what he's been through. Thanks for being brave enough to share this!

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