On Can We Still Be Friends?

@lizardjellybean SO MUCH

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@bitzyboozer Re this whole weird BB creams thing, I work at a cosmetics formulating company and we've just done a few BBs. Essentially they are what brands have decided is the new thing for women who are a bit lazy and don't bother with foundation and everything else and so they might buy an all-in-one. Most of them do moisturising, spf, tint and a bit of cover-up + misc. anti-ageing/anti blemish/brightening. I think the whole 'lightening' thing is a separate area maybe? But basically everyone in the beauty industry has jumped on BB as the new 'it' thing to sell to people. Not that i'm complaining because I am exactly the lazy non-foundation person they're looking at.
ALSO a word on parabens, they're fine! The studies that I've seen haven't been conclusive and go against 50+ years of safety data that's been collected. Also, they're used as preservatives (to stop bacteria growing) and all these new preservatives that we are forced to use now have very limited safety data. So in any case, don't be scared of parabens. Sorry I didn't mean to go all ranty.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@Emmanuelle Cunt Whenever I brush my teeth at night I close my eyes, sortov as preparation for being asleep soon. When I went travelling with a friend she said it really freaked her out that I was sleeping while brushing. But it's really relaxing and I feel like i'm getting extra sleep?

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On Birthdays at the Office

I started a new (my first proper one) job a few months ago and The Rule is that you have to bring in cakes on your birthday (it seems unfair that the birthday person has to provide cakes?) Anyway, I sent an email round and within 5 minutes at least 15 people had piled in to my office and stolen all the cakes. I haven't seen these people again, I think they live upstairs? and I didn't even get to eat any of the cakes. I'm not being generous again.

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On Happy Halloween, Jerks (in NYC)

@rayray I went to uni in Leeds and now live in London! The Hairpin brings us all together. Also, my favourite costume when I was a student was Albi the Racist Dragon. I even had a bag of jelly-bean tears.

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On Let's Just All Talk About the Things That Bug Us About Harry Potter

Why has no one else realised that Malfoy is the way to go! A mixed-up bad boy it feels wrong, but with that face it's SO RIGHT!

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On Bangs or No Bangs: The Eternal Hair Question

I love my fringe (bangs) but in summer It stresses me via a 2-pronged attack: hat-hair fringe is the worst; sweaty forehead and fringe leads to grease becoming the focus of your face.

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On How to Make a Doll Into a Wine Glass in 23 Quick Steps

I used to have a Halloween goblet with a scull face that I used for most of my first year of uni, but then my flatmate broke him (he was called Graham)
I feel enough time has past to introduce a new goblet to my drinking. So excited for the socially unacceptable drinking habits to return!

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On Which Disney Princess Wedding Dress Speaks to You?

@EleanorRigby At least none of these ones look actively suicidal
http://thehairpin.com/2011/04/suicide-brides. Also, focusing on things causes wrinkles.

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On Throw This Party: The Garden Soiree

Also, I think it's good to have a decoy garden party, to trick the weather into spoiling that one. Choose another date, tell everyone that date but then invite them to the real party on a different date over email. The weather will never know!

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