On How to Throw a Georgian-Era Christmas Party

@JuiceBox Imagine how many horse-hair hats you could buy working 12 hours a week!

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@leonstj I say don't worry about it, and if anyone accuses you of calling yourself a feminist to get laid, ask them if they really think that feminist ladies will just sleep with any dude who quotes Betty Friedan at them? (It might be a pre-req, but generally not the only requirement)

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

@Jaya I thought none of her friends would sleep with you because that's friencest, and it very frequently ends poorly.

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On "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

@ThatWench Not just pro-union, but pro-soaking scabs! I've been showing it to all my commie friends lately.

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On "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

@SexySadie Do I understand why someone would spend $350 on a belt or $2500 on a purse? Maybe not, but aside from the points made in the article, you're judging people on a criteria that you don't actually know. There was nothing in the first article to suggest that woman hadn't saved up for the bag. If anything, it suggests that she wanted it for a while and waited until she had the money. Is spending that kind of money financially irresponsible if you've saved up and that's the sort of splurge purchases you want to make? Maybe for some people, going out for a drink with your friends on the weekend would seem irresponsible. Or buying your lunch at work, rather than bringing one.

Irresponsible is living outside of your means. It's not someone spending their discretionary funds on something that you personally don't see the point of.

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On Ridden By the Hag: My Sleep Paralysis Visitors

@Moom I used to have false awakenings all the time in high school. It's pretty awful to wake up halfway through second period and realize that you haven't actually started your day yet. I'm pretty weird about sleep paralysis as well. It's horrifying (although not quite as horrifying as other people have described), but I can't help wanting it to happen. I'm obviously full of the crazy though.

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On Selective Empathy and "An Outlet for Maternal Feelings"

@noodge Whenever this sentiment comes up, I feel like we all need to collectively acknowledge that bitchface is a real problem in our society that prevents women from being friends. It is not that the other ladies are jealous of you, it's that some or all of you have bitchface and that is obscuring your secret desires to mail pants to each other.
Sorry, mini-rant over.

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On Alternating Gender Incongruity

@wee_ramekin At first I thought, maybe he confused sexuality with sex, and was thinking about the difference between gender and sex, but then I realized he would still be wrong, and I give people on the internet waaayyy too much credit.

But man, I wish I had retractable boobs.

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On The Ministry for Boyfriend Review

@terrific I think some of those things need to be amended. I assumed it was meant for the type of person for whom being unemployed is the thing that they are known for. Chronically unemployed.

In addition, I used to pay for everything with my bf, because we were both in school, but I had a good paying job. Then when I was unemployed, he payed for everything. Now we just stay in because we are both broke.

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On "Rosebud."

I remember learning that the cost of maintaining up-to-date digital projectors in every theatre is significantly more than the cost of all of those film prints. But that may have just been the wishful thinking of film professors.

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