On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

I'm kind of worried that my anticipation about how "Paris is literally going to be the best ever" is going to ruin my trip a little. But, you guys: Paris is literally going to be the best ever.

I arrive in London on the 21st of Jan, and I'll book a train to Paris by myself as soon as I get my bearings (at my sister's place, in central London), and I am SO EXCITED. I'm about 98% sure that there's not a chance at all that Paris won't live up to my expectations, but the other 2% does worry a little.

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@Quinn A@twitter oh my gosh, I'm so glad to hear that. I can pretend I can put an outfit together (I'll get my little sister to approve some outfits before I get there), but my HAIR! I just CAN'T! It's curly, but also flat on top because it's heavy, but it's actually kinda frizzy and fine, and oh man. just forget it.

*goes to pack some scarves*

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On Advanced Style's 10 Best

@stonefruit: I wish I was #10 or #3 now. Maybe in 50 years, I'll have gathered enough actual stylish clothes to pull off something like that. At this point, it isn't even about courage, I just have no eye for "this is a complete outfit" until someone else puts things together.

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On Plans

@Countess Maritza all my advice involves going back in time, sorry

I fell asleep with a bad cold, half an hour before the new year, while all my young, single friends partied in another city on a holiday I was too poor to attend. Not my most exciting New Year's Eve. New Year's Day was great, though - picnic in the botanic gardens with friends and their families, in front of the Toad Hall backdrop from Wind in the Willows, and a trip to the art gallery.

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On You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

I resolve to find awesome groups of people on the internet (looks like I've succeeded so far!), and to be more "spontaneous". (I hate that word). More open to adventure/randomness, I guess?

I'm moving overseas (from Melbourne, to Paris (hopefully), via London) so I'll need some sort of place I feel welcome to rant or complain or brag or whatever, and the MMO (yes, I know) I was playing last year shut down, so I'd like somewhere less evanescent to belong to a community online.

Also, I feel like "getting out and doing things on my own" will be a good goal, because otherwise I'll be "on my own: bedroom edition" endlessly on repeat. And, honestly, I need more sunshine than hiding in my room can offer.

Also, also, I started a happiness journal last year, to help with a sort-of-heartbreak, and I want to keep doing that - noticing happiness is never a bad thing.

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