On Drynuary: What and Why

@John Ore haha, thanks, one of my reasons to sequester myself away for the month is to work on my writing. I don't know where I got the idea that one must perfect their drunkeness before the writing will come, I'm basically Nick from New Girl.

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On Drynuary: What and Why

@VDRE To give your body a break after a long month of parties.To re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol.To start a New Year with a clear mind. To save a little bit of money for something meaningful. To do something new with your girlfriends that doesn't involve a bar. To have a month of only sober sex. It seems that people who take on Dryuary are people whose regular daily life includes drinking-not to say that they abuse alcohol but for those who don't have a second thought about that second or third drink on a Tuesday night,who look forward to PMS so they have an excuse for day time Irish Cream/Qream, who are shy and maybe a little snobby so rely on some booze to not come off as such a bitch. I'm not expecting any great change, I assume after January I'll still be going to work with an occasional hangover and still choose a sunny patio with friends over sweating it out on the eliptical, but maybe not? I also go vegan for a month every year, which is probably pretty pointless, but being such a heathen, it's rare that I deny myself any and all pleasures-going without cheese pizza during my period makes me a horrible person to be around, but in the end, I am always glad that I stuck it out. It's a slippery slope between those who have a drink or so on occasion and those who Can't. Not. Drink-limbo can be a scary place to be, so why not edge yourself back up to the crest of that hill?

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On Drynuary: What and Why

I'm doing it,and I'm terrified. But after a year of boozing almost daily,gaining weight and getting little else done,I've realized that I need to confront the things in life that drive me to drink (my job!!!!!!)rather than downing pints.I'm so,so glad that The Hairpin is here,I really enjoyed reading the entries from last year and I am glad to know that letting yourself be smug for once is an added benefit.I plan on blowing a wad of cash on fancy bitters to enhance my Soda Stream experience,finishing/starting several embroidery projects,smoking too many cigs,start watching The West Wing and when shit gets hard just sniff my husband as he generally has some good beer fumes coming off of him(no way in hell would he do this with me,as much as we love each other it would drive me crazy if he was home every night with me!)Best of luck,my fellow boozehounds!
Oh,and to the ladies that gloat in the fact that they are/were pregnant and couldn't drink for 9+months and then breastfeeding,etc.-so not helpful,the motivation to not destroy brand new brains and bodies is I'm sure much stronger than the motivation to drop a few pounds and work on some craft projects.

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