On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

I am Canadian and these guys are our NATIONAL TREASURE.

(lolz jokes)

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On Lana Del Rey, "Ultraviolence"

Uggghhh. Why are all these cool women trying to make feminism uncool and unpopular? This is so disappointing. I LOVED YOU, LANA.

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On To ____ A Mockingbird

@bellekaren WAIT I GOT IT. Tequila, to queen a, to queer a (both birds have awesome boobs, I just noticed), to queef a, TO KIEFER. SUTHERLAND.


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On To ____ A Mockingbird

@bellekaren Crown = queen maybe? From tequila to to queen a?

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On Talking to Misty Copeland About Race, Class and Ballet

Thanks for this interview! Great questions. Misty is an inspiration.

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On Katy Perry, "Birthday"

I LOVE THIS. It's so poppy and fun.

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On A Sasha Cohen Tribute Post

Fierce Sasha: http://www.gofugyourself.com/new-york-fugshion-week-the-heart-truth-red-dress-show-02-2014/go-red-for-women-the-heart-truth-red-dress-collection-2014-show-made-possible-by-macys-and-subway-restaurants-runway-5

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On "Where I live in East Baltimore, everything looks like 'The Wire' and nobody cares what a selfie is"

This was kind of beautiful and heartbreaking. But then I read Sean Wilson's comment, which seems to have been removed in the 5 minutes since I read it? He claims to know the author and suggests that he owned two Lexuses and two iPhones (?) as recently as 2013, and is a regular at local pubs where he always orders premium vodka.

I never know who to trust when I read comments like that. They make me sad. I want to believe people are genuine.

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On A Monday Playlist

Where is that little girl face from??? This is going to drive me cray-zay.

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On Today We Celebrate JoJo

JoJo's version of Marvin's Room! Is the best!

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