On The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

It's so strange to me to read some of this because I know that it's out there (saying sex was a sin and shaming women), but I grew up in a very Christian, very conservative area and a pretty conservative, but practical, household and I don't remember hearing this stuff. My parents very much wanted us to wait until marriage to have sex, but went to great lengths to make sure we knew that sex was a good thing, not a bad thing. My father even made each of us listen to a book on tape by Dr. Dobson, and the only thing I remember about it was him saying that masturbation was perfectly normal and not a sin and to not be ashamed of doing it. That doesn't seem to gel with what I'm always hearing about him and that movement. Maybe I just filtered out all the stuff I didn't agree with and forgot it and only remember the good advice?

Posted on December 27, 2012 at 3:43 pm 2