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This line stuck out to me: This has been the hardest thing. I hate getting gifts because I don't like the feeling of owing people or not showing enough gratitude. I feel this moral responsibility to give as much as I get.

But the thing is, people are responding *because* you're giving them something, and commenting to show you that you've affected them. You started this interaction, you brought all of this into the world, they're recognizing it. I mean, seriously, my life would not be nearly as entertaining without the ALOT, and reading message boards would be much, much more challenging without it.

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By Lynn P on How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

All these other comments aside, this article is strewn with weird grammar and convoluted syntax. Please don't tell me that you went to Iowa, then publish a piece where you misuse "alike" (a hackneyed word to begin with) THREE times. Also: "I recognize now to myself"? These are the sort of mistakes you would really want your editor to save you from. Er, from which you would want to be saved.

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By leonstj on The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

I always thought the "Hemmingway Curse" were the 4 years of douchiness roughly around the final two years of college and the first two after it that young literary dudes (me) went through when they (me) decided to use Robert Jordan for their (my) model of How To Be A Man.

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By Dandyliongirl on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@frumious bandersnatch AGREED ON EVERYTHING. I absolutely identified with Lyra (or I wanted to be her, at any rate). And obviously Anne Shirley is queen of everything.

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By finguns on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@frumious bandersnatch One of my favorite things about that series is the friendship of the 3 kids and how it changes and gets harder as they get older. I also love that Hermione has 2 boys as her best friends but there's no whiff of her trying to be "one of the boys" to suit them. I just pretty much love everything about Hermione, really. Watching my daughter reading the series and starting to look up to Hermione has been one of the highlights of my life as a parent (she has a Hermione robe and outfit she wears when no one is looking and a time turner she wears under her clothes every day).

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By Poubelle on Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

What an awful, snarky article. I really hope the writer hasn't read any of those works since she actually was a kid, because her interpretations are so far off.

Let me just say, that growing up in my family's tiny, thin-walled, centipede-infested walkup, the adventures of Eloise--who had free reign of a fancy hotel, didn't have chores or go to school, and got to jet off to fabulous places like Paris, and never had to fall asleep listening to her parents fight about money down the hall--were a wonderful escape. Excuse me for a being a sad kid with fantasies. (Honestly, Eloise was what I graduated to when I got a little old for princesses and magic.) I also am pretty sure she's intended to come off as bratty and entitled, at least to adults. Like, I am 100% positive that at no point was Kay Thompson like "yes, I have just created the best, most inclusive role model!"

Also, you don't get throw around words like classism and then go on to reduce the central issue of To Kill a Mockingbird to fucking boredom. That's right, folks, the whole court case Scout's father gets involved in is just a red herring!

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@frumious bandersnatch Agreed.

'There’s not a lot of “be the heroine of your own life” in Hermione’s veins, as it were; she’s a handservant.'

Sorry, Voldemort is RUINING THE WORLD and Harry really needs Hermione's help NOW; I think there will be time for her own personal heroine-ing LATER.

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By Inkling on Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter
Yeah, it's so important to focus on that part of the equation! I just can't stop thinking about why because I loved being around him because he was so many positive things, and now it seems like he's not, he's this person who was really hurtful. So I now understand why people say "I don't know who you are anymore" in cheesy movies, because I get that feeling.
I don't know why he did it so I don't know what type of person he is right now.
And I don't know if that's someone to go on picnics with anymore.

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By Onymous on Do Not Pass Go

@wee_ramekin So in GTA III: San Andreas you get run out of town by a corrupt cop at about hour 5 and told that if you ever show your face again you will be shot on sight by any member of the SAPD. You spend the next 20 hours building a criminal empire specifically so that you can get back to SA and get your brother out of prison.

Upon doing this the first thing your brother says is that you turned your back on the gang (again the gang that you just took over several mafias to save), and what do you do? apologize and ask what you should do.

In GTA IV you come to liberty city to escape the memories of the war. First thing you do? start killing people because you're cousin guilts you into it.

I have to assume "the concept of being masculine" according to Rockstar is pretty much the same as McFly being goaded into ANYTHING to avoid being called chicken. Or maybe the (false, made up by nobles a century later) ideal of samurai doing anything no matter how horrible because following your master was the honorable thing to do (as opposed to say NOT massacring civilians).

Which is to say you know Stupidity, the concept of being masculine is embodied by stupidity.

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By R&RKD on The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

"I think I got a stupid kombucha at the vegan store."

The extent of the overlap between my life and Jared's?

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