does it need saying

does it need saying

Been reading for quite a while, and finally decided on a name. Little bit geek, part artist, might sing sometimes, love the maths.

On Not That Kind of Death: An Interview With Caitlin Doughty

This is such an important topic.
I would like to be cremated, after a science-y type donation. A viewed cremation sounds like it might be good closure. Maybe inside of a handmaid container of some kind. But first I would like my loved ones to take a piece of hair or blood (or ash) to make some kind of mourning jewelry. Something they would personally like and not feel burdened by. Then they wouldn't feel like they needed to visit anywhere specific.
I also would like some kind of memory celebration afterwards. I want them to have many people's good memories to take with them.

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On Dear White People: What Would You Do?

I was unaware of this movie. Thank you for giving me something to watch and share.

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On The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Rituals

We have a friend who has a birthday at the end of October and throws a huge Halloween party every year. 'Costumes required' is the best stipulation for a party, and his is no exception.
Then on actual Halloween, we usually take the kid Trick-or-Treating. She is a little old this year though, so she'll probably cave halfway through.

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On Quentin Tarantino Explains Things To Me

Makes me want to watch some QT movies.

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On Let Me Love You

Thank you for these thoughts. They resonate strongly for me.

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On Lessons My Closet Taught Me

@gbt Really? I am a fat woman, and I would love to have had this description of myself, "and she looked amazing. The accordion pleating on the patterns looked like sound waves narrating the tempest. She was waiting for the bus in the dark and she looked remarkably beautiful." Since when is it not okay to call someone fat? Since someone decided that was a derogatory term, well it's not, unless you let it be. Maybe you should have read past the word fat and your own issues with the word.

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On It's Been Real, Buds

Logging in to say, Thank you! You will be missed and I hope to continue seeing your by-line in other places.

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On "Is Softball Sexist?"

I have often felt this way! I hated the idea of softball so much I never bothered with it. I can't handle the softball and could never throw it right, but a baseball?! Yes, please.

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On Costumes

I'm glad I made it through to the end. The end was worth the read.

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On Dallas Pizzeria Owner Takes Brave Activist Stand Against Ranch Dressing

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Generally speaking (as someone who uses ranch on pizza) I only use it on cheap freezer pizza to make the taste a little more palatable. If it is good pizza, ranch is not to be seen on my pizza.

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