does it need saying

does it need saying

Been reading for quite a while, and finally decided on a name. Little bit geek, part artist, might sing sometimes, love the maths.

On Holy Mountain Of Nachos

Oh, Yes!!! I will be making these tonight. Thank you for the Bloodfeast.

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On I Hereby Convene The Beach Witch Coven

I am down for this, can we add Ocean breeze blowing hair gently away from face?

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On Let's Talk About Friendship

I am an introvert for the most part. I've never had a BFF, and generally if pressed now, I would say my husband is my BFF (I know). Unless someone is in my house, or calls me I tend to not socialize. I can spend lots and lots of time by myself and never need the interaction.
I know I am an outlier and I'm lucky to have friends that understand that about me. Either that or my personal vice is so socially accepted that no one blinks an eye. Reading as an escape, socially acceptable since writing began.

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On Retroactive Heartbreaks, Above-Board Romances, and Constant Ultraserious Shouting About Things

I never expected to see an "Ask a Queer Chick" without any comments. Thank you for such good answers as usual Ms. King-Miller.

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On Two Women and Their Passionate Love For "The Fast and The Furious"

How are there no comments on this?!
I totally dig this series. Thanks for reminding me why.

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On "Amy," the Documentary on the Life and Death of Amy Winehouse

Oh. I need to see this.

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On The Middle-Classism of Teen Movies

I loved this, and am sad there aren't any comments.
As I get older, I notice some of the benefits of growing up in the 90's with much more emphasis put out there on racial diversity in general.

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On Limericks For Lost Online Dates

I enjoyed this!

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On Who Should We Listen To?

I am loving the Moth, I also wanted to see what other recommendations there are.

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On The Scientific Reasons Behind Fashion Don'ts

Don't wear a black belt with brown shoes or vice versa as this will give most bears a migraine causing them to hibernate early, really throwing off their sleep cycle.

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