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On The Over It Pie

ikr. I know I always appreciate it when my sexual orientation is regarded as a personal disappointment to a whiny straight person on the prowl! I also always appreciate when my interests are stereotyped for the purposes of hipster-homophobic humor cause you can't be a real homophobe if you read Savage Love or whatever the fuck now.

whine on, you crazy diamonds.

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On The Over It Pie

Your internet presence seems too gay

wow straight people.*

*[catty sellout queers/narcissistic tryhard Manhattan gay dudes that straight girls admire/Lena Dunham/other]

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On Goodbye, Roger Ebert

Oh no, this is dreadful. RIP Mr. Ebert--we may not have always seen eye to eye, but I always respected your point-of-view and I've never sought out anyone else's reviews the same way. :( <3

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On Lana Del Rey Covers Leonard Cohen, "Chelsea Hotel"

Wow, that's haunting. I do think most Cohen covers miss the sort of bitter je ne sais quoi of his music--either they inject way too much crescendo (Wainwright!) or make it too atonal and inexpressive (Peyroux)--but I'm impressed with this one. Also, Chelsea Hotel's a good song, so.

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Also lolll @ "beta males," one must presume this refers to someone other than the POTUS, who wraps an audience around his finger like it's candyfloss.

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@thebestjasmine Yeah, this whole thing has got a serious eau de Lena Dunham, hasn't it?

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On Friday Open Thread

@rosaline I don't hate winter or cold temps in general! But once things start getting to engine-freezing, sub-30 temperatures I start reevaluating my life decisions and thinking, "god, that 18-y-o me who thought it was so unromantic that the leaves didn't change in SoCal sure was a twerp."

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On Friday Open Thread

@rosaline As a Californian(/general West Coaster) transplanted to other place in recent years, I've learned to stop romanticizing snow.

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On Dramatic Real Life Confessions

"It might be intellectually interesting to know how quickly someone can make the Tourmalet climb under careful medical supervision." Finally, a reason for me to be interested in any sort of spectator sport!

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On "I felt lighter and better, and all those clichéd things."

And by the way, if that doesn’t prove how much same-sex couples are the exact same as heterosexual couples, not once in my career did anyone ever hear a story I told and say, “Wait a second, that doesn’t sound like anything we … ” It’s all the same.

Hah, maybe this is true for happy gay couples and happy straight couples, but speaking from a similar perspective, I've found some shitty boyfriends rather difficult to translate into gender ambiguity for discreet posterity. :P Men have some very particular ways of being shit. Still, good on him, and nice interview.

Maybe I am just sick of "we are just like the straights! We are! Love us!" from other queers.

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