On When a Man Writes a Woman

@snowmentality Tiffany Aching is the absolute best! The scene where she goes after the Wintersmith because he has the gall to go after the lambs, ah. Though any of the witches, really–Granny Weatherwax, in particular, particularly in her relationship to her sister.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@Beaks I reread those every time my family went to the mountains or a lake. Seemed appropriate. I was 20 last time I reread any of them, and they were still fabulous. Was super-pumped to discover that an awesome 9-year-old that I was babysitting this year was starting them!

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@sophia_h I reread A Summer to Die the summer before I went to college, during a YA binge, and just sobbed disgusting snot-tears. That book is still so great, and so sad.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@pinniped The View from Saturday! So wonderful. The scene where the eighth grade girls let their bra straps show stuck with me for years (primarily during my own awkward middle school academic years, but also after. Ahem.).

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@Lyesmith Yes to both! God I loved them. I need to reread them now--something more uplifting than my other summer read, which was Lowry's A Summer to Die.

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

Happen to be living the armpit lump one as of last night! Adulthood is the worst.

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On Vampire Weekend, 'Modern Vampires of the City'

@funfetti It is totally charming! A+, would listen again (preferably while drinking margaritas on a patio, or something).

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On Friday Open Thread

@Scandyhoovian As an Atlantan that makes me sad. :( My grandmother has fond memories of dressing up with her friends when she was in college to take the train into Atlanta for summer shows at the Fox. Popcorn in the theatre does not help that!

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheclaAndTheSeals Perhaps [department name] apprentice? Or assistant? I know that when I wanted to fancy-up my carried-over internship recently, I went from being "[overall program name] Intern" to "Assistant to the [more specific program]." But that would depend on the field.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Inkling Thank you! And you're very welcome! :) (And, uh, most of the credit on that goes to the kind soul who designed that theme. Bless them!)

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