On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

@Mezzo333 Not sure what you mean by 'ethnic' hair, but I do know a lot of people with African hair types follow the 'nopoo' method with great success. It's a little different from the above recipe, but a similar concept, namely eliminating shampoo.

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On Are You a Grown Woman? An Informal Survey

I look at such terms relationally. Or, unconsciously express them relationally. Like Koreans do-ish (different terms for people older than / younger than oneself? Not that I'm Korean. But, in my casual speech:

Girls are people who are younger than / same age as I. Women / ladies are older.

When I was 22, a 35-year-old was definitely a "woman I know". Or old lady - lol!

Now a 35-year-old is a "girl" in my speech.

On a questionnaire? I'm an adult woman. But I definitely often unconsciously speak of, for example, professional women with gray hairs as 'girls' if I perceive them to be younger???

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On "Ants act like both a fluid and a solid. See how the ants drip, like syrup?"

My neck itches.

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On The People Have Spoken, and The People Want SWANTS

@MarianTheLibrarian Me too! I'll be K-8-E!!

Also, thinking of cutting my hair to Katie / Katy length. Love both your hair(s) and the visor!!

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On Renisha McBride's Shooter Charged With Second-Degree Murder

@bluebears So true! Whenever I hear things about Kym Worthy in the news I'm always so impressed with her. I did hear it was taking so long (issuing the warrant) b/c the prosecutor's office was ensuring all the Ts were crossed, etc.

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On Renisha McBride's Shooter Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Ohhh. I forgot about the Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah case. That was beyond bizarre.

Michigan is a typical blue state taken over by the crafty ALEC style tactics. I can't believe how radically right wing our supposedly non-partisan guvnur Snyder has turned out to be. Sigh. Off to bury my head in the sand...

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On Lululemon's Selling of "Ostentatious Wellness"

Can someone please inform all these dudes that most people outgrow Ayn Rand at about the age of 17? Like, I loved Ann Rice novels when I was 12 to 15 - but I've moved on - not adopted them as a life philosophy. Though I suppose I would much prefer the company of Ann Ricians, to Ayn Randians.

Michael Potter - CEO of Eden Foods - is another undercover douchenozzle, selling his goods to liberal consumers, all the while using the profits for his conservative agenda. Many of those goods are available at....Whole Foods! It's a conspiracy - lol! Not that this paragraph has anything to do with the topic here - I just feel the need to get in a loud BOYCOTT EDEN FOODS!!! whenever anything tangentially related comes up.

Lululemon is a joke from the get go. It reminds me of the super expensive grunge fashion collections sent down the runway by Marc Jacobs, etc. years ago. Like, isn't that oxymoronic?

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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@S. Elizabeth
Probably commenting too late, but...woah. Sorry man. I'm not a Hairpin regular. Just wanted to say, I too am dealing with a young(ish) partner with serious cancer(s). Fekking sucks, eh? It's just another fucking universe you enter. Hospital world.

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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@Hellion of Troy

And if the line "Ask me about my children, I'll tell you about headboard bunting" doesn't make your blood boil, we may just be too different to ever agree ;)

Ha ha, yes!

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On How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

@Scar892 - So you think the professional, highly educated author of this piece can't take some (valid) peanut gallery, blog comment section criticism? And needs you to make some ad hominem attacks of the critics? LOL!

On the bright side, I am drinking a $9 beer - but it came as a six pack.

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