English Girl living in a Canadian world (Calgary to be precise!). Grew up in Eastern Europe. And on a farm in England. Now living and working in Calgary, Canada and married to a lovely Canadian man (partly for a green card...but also because I love him!).

By Nicole @twitter on The Rob Ford Pie

@greyeminence Saaaaame! Plus Ford is just so the opposite of what people think about when they think about Canada, which I love. He's so crass. And impolite. And terrible.

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By greyeminence on The Rob Ford Pie

I live in Toronto, and while I'm appalled that my city has been thrust into the international limelight for such a lurid reason, a small part of me is just thrilled that Toronto has been THRUST INTO THE INTERNATIONAL LIMELIGHT. Gawker never used to mention Canada at all, and now look! I feel like Carrie White - ignored for ages and then finally, belatedly, crowned prom queen.

(Never saw the entire movie...I assume it ends with Carrie being happy and well-adjusted and reigning benevolently over her contrite peers, right?)

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By klemay on Olives - It's What's For Dinner

@meetapossum I happen to love olives (and olives on pizza). I am a terrible person and will order a pizza with olives on it if I don't feel like sharing with my roommates. I know none of them will want a slice and the pizza will be ALL MINE.

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By meetapossum on Olives - It's What's For Dinner

@j.a.b. The Haterz to the Left Pizza.

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By j.a.b. on Olives - It's What's For Dinner

@titsgrande please count me in. olives & mushrooms. great pizza combo.

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By Miss Kitty Fantastico on Know Your Crackpot Medical Advice: Dr. Leo Spaceman or John Wesley, Co-Founder of Methodism?

@coolallison I'm imagining it's similar to when you accidentally drink too many shots of Jameson in college and it sort of just... dribbles out while you lay your head on the toilet seat?

Oh, god, college was gross.

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By Beaks on Olives - It's What's For Dinner

@rangiferina So, I hated olives until I was 22 and in Spain and in serious olive territory, and I decided that I would try them and if I couldn't like those olives than obviously there was no helping me. And it was like a switch flipped and all the sudden olives were awesome. Going to Spain is kind of an extreme step in order to develop a taste for a food, though.

Sorry, California olives, but Spanish olives are my first love.

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By Lily Rowan on Interview with Elliott Sailors, a Woman Working as a Male Model

Without reading the whole thing here: I don't understand why people keep saying "male model," and not "menswear model." She is still just as female.

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By Gleemonex on When Friends Have Babies

Of course, just bein real here: That same kid and her two-year-old brother spent the entirety of yesterday acting like a couple of total fucking assholes and I went for the Stoli the second they were down for the night, so it ain't all stars. Heh.

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