I live near Philly and work in the museum world.

By klemay on "It Was Like a Pile of Kleenex"

This is why I'm only reading female authors for a year. :)

(And when my year is up in June, I might never go back to male authors)

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By j-i-a on What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

@MaryJReno my roomate's [NAME??] half-sister [IS FATHER REMARRIED OR MOTHER? MAY BE GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT WORK-LIFE BALANCE] makes $74/hour [IS THIS CONFIRMED] on the computer [WHAT MODEL? NEW COMPUTER? PROBABLY MAC AIR??]. She has been fired from work [WHY WAS SHE FIRED? DETAILS] for five months ["FUNEMPLOYED" MAYBE] but last month her paycheck was $21376 [PAID EVERY MONTH? BIWEEKLY?] just working on the computer for a few hours [PER DAY? IS SHE A WEBCAM GIRL???? DON'T BURY THIS LEDE]. you could look here WWW.Ring77.COm [WE NEED A BETTER LOOKING URL]

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By Lauren Lipton@facebook on What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

This is a great start. But could you make it voicier?

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By muralgirl on What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

Wow, this is giving me flashbacks to my dissertation chair's comments: "First half of short sentence that introduces concept (EXPLAIN THIS!), and second half that explains concept. (OK!)" Read the whole sentence before commenting, argh!

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By Faintly Macabre on Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

@or Elsa! Yeah, I don't see how being against Black Friday is being insensitive to poor people.

Most of the better-off people I know who are against Black Friday feel that way partly from concern for people who don't have the luxury of opting out of an opportunity to make money and thus are essentially forced to work during a holiday. I'm guessing most of the people who think it's an opportunity for the poors to buy stuff they really need cheap aren't getting up at 3AM the day after Thanksgiving to go work amid rabid crowds. I used to be mostly indifferent to Black Friday until I noticed how it crept earlier every year and finally into Thanksgiving.

Also, most things are not cheaper on Black Friday! There were approximately a million stories last week about how while maybe a few loss-leaders were good deals, nothing else is much cheaper than in surrounding weeks. Black Friday is not some altruistic holiday designed by retailers to provide cheap gifts to the poor.

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By or Elsa! on Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

For me, it's not a privileged-income perspective but a two-decades-of-retail perspective. All those years working in small independent businesses, Black Friday was almost always a losing proposition for us: crowds of unlikely shoppers would storm the small storefront expecting steep discounts, trash the displays, and leave empty-handed... and of course our beloved regular customers would (wisely) stay away until holiday crowds thinned out in January.

Black Friday cost us money in extra hours for the staff to manage the crowds and clean up after them, damage to delicate merchandise, and shoplifting, which is much easier amid a crowd. I always always tried to persuade the owners to close for Black Friday and they always always wished they had after the fact, but they'd forget it by the next year.

So my Buy Nothing Day resistance has nothing to do with a sense of superiority. It springs from sheer exhaustion. Those days patrolling the barricades of an overrun shop have used up all my Black-Friday patience.

I didn't go out to buy anything, but on Sunday I did take advantage of a ThinkGeek free-shipping offer to buy a teeny tiny present which otherwise would have cost more to ship than to purchase (and which my local comic shop couldn't procure for me, because I checked weeks ago). I will probably take advantage of non-Black-Friday sales to buy some new underwear, too, because no one wants to give me something so unglamorous for Christmas.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on 26 Abortion Stories

@Gordon Bombay I agree with you, and maybe this is an inappropriate time to say this, but I love your screen name and want to get into Flying V formation right now.

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By sophia_h on "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

Read it, but do your pregnant friends a favor and tell them not to; when I was pregnant it's the kind of thing that would have haunted me with superstitious worry. For all our civilization and science pregnancy is still such a fraught and mysterious time, it's easy to go to a kind of dark, primitive place in your mind during it because of the total lack of control.

Also, thank god this was not posted somewhere with comments, because they would have been just awful.

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By Caity on How to Fill the Awkward Silence in an Elevator Full of Women

I had a good Moment Between Women on the subway this morning:

I jumped onto the train right before the doors closed and a girl about my age told me she liked my bracelet, which is sort of a metal link number with small daisies affixed between every link. I told her "Thanks!" and added that I had accidentally broken off some of the delicate metal petals in my haste to put it on this morning. (I tried to squeeze it over my giant hand instead of opening the clasp. LEARN FROM ME, LADIES.)

Then a stately older woman who happened to be standing next to us looked down at my wrist and said, "It really is a lovely bracelet."

I thanked her and added, "I wish I hadn't destroyed it."

And she said:

"Lots of flowers are missing petals."

THE PERFECT THING TO SAY. What a graceful lady.

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By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

As for me, these days, I read only Bustle.

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