On One Weird Trick to Control Your Boyfriend's Mind (the Trick Is Pouring Juice in His Dickhole)

@Brandon Thomas@facebook Aw babe, you feeling left out?

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

@T A@twitter I was living in London this time last year and can confirm I own that precise outfit.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 3

@lethaltuesday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFNs2mOkKzc I guess Brass Eye didn't make it Stateside, huh? I think this segment is relevant here.

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On Three White Girls Successfully Pulling Off Hip-Hop Dance Moves

@TATABox 'The thrill of appropriation lies in accessing the perceived authenticity of black sexuality, the success of appropriation lies in abandoning its natural form. Transfer to a white body elevates the action.'

Hmm, I paused a moment over that as well. I think 'form', which seems to refer here to black female bodies, means the natural structure of something; so the appropriated concept in its original context. I read it as drawing on a distinction between the 'natural' context of a dance/concept (i.e. where it was produced by relatively organic means) and the 'artificial' one, to where it was transferred. Sloughing off context is what makes appropriation successful (see feather headresses etc). But I may be misreading!

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On Charming Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

@whizz_dumb Ha, I was going to use Mark Darcy/Daniel Cleaver.

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On Explanations

@Linette I think you hit the nail on the head with 'I know he's not thinking of it like that'. A cheerful PSA: sometimes the people who have already spent a lot of time considering the structures our society operates within are going to spot associations in your behaviour that you may not have noticed yet. And that's fine, and it's inevitable; but it means you should listen.

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On Explanations

@adorable-eggplant I was absolutely astounded by his tweet that said something to the effect of 'I didn't feel entitled to a woman, I just wanted companionship'. Hey mate, if you want a woman to provide companionship and become ANGRY WITH THE GENDER when you don't get it, you are embodying male entitlement. Seriously. That's on page one of the 'Big Book of Male Entitlement'. Where else does that anger come from except for not getting something you think you should?

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On Explanations

@notinpapakura I think the problem with this is that there have been worthwhile conversations about that going on, for a long time. This is very old ground for women. Trust me; male voices dominate most cultures to enough of an extent that we've heard mens' stories of anxiety and self-reflection before.

I wish there were a more polite way to say this, but I can't find one: many of us are not interested in hearing men's thoughts on why they think and behave this way. You know that feeling of brief awkwardness when a friend admits they didn't like you at first? It's like hearing that on top of a whole society making it clear that they still don't like you! Being asked to take on board yet another male perspective does nothing for us. Having supportive men willing to stand up to this culture to other men does (note the number of comments not saying 'this shouldn't be published!' but 'this should be published to a different audience'). Your voices would be so much more valuable used to confront the perpetraters, rather than rehash with the victims, you know?

I can tell that both you -- and the author of this article -- are very well-intentioned, and also coming at this reasonably anew. Please know that it's for that reason that I'm pointing this out; I trust you won't take it as a personal attack.

Edit to add: I also don't mean to imply that you don't also confront men on their sexism; just explaining why 'there are worthwhile conversations' comes across as slightly patronising, which I'm sure isn't your intent.

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On A Student Tells Me “I Would Do Anything, And I Do Mean Anything, For a C”

@Better to Eat You With Thank you for this. I would never give a mean course evaluation over it or run to someone's boss, but I do find it hard not to resent tutors who give extensions for ridiculous reasons. And yes, they always tell everyone, and yes, those of us who work very hard get very annoyed at them.

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