On "Now I understand completely. Winter gives me Old Testament vibes"

SAD isn't my thing; I am depressed year-round. But I think about trying the lamps sometimes, I am all for anything that helps. That lamp in the photo, though, might make me feel better even if it's light didn't. That lamp is adorable!

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On The Best Time I Lost a Tampon and Found My Cervix

Diva cup! That is how I know where my cervix is and all that jazz. Because (TMI) when I empty it, I usually do so in the shower and "clean myself out". Stick my fingers up in there, pull out some blood, back in, back out, until there is no more blood to pull out. Grosser than tampons in some ways, but way less gross than tampons in all the ways that matter to me. Cleaning myself out got me pretty familiar with what is what up in there.

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On My Late Adolescent Poetry, Translated Into Plain English

@RubeksCube Ask and you shall receive. The prompt was to explain the foundational ideas of genetics and evolution. I wrote a sonnet instead of an essay because I am weird.

Upon a chance genovariation
a fresh recessive gene might dare appear.
And if this proves a goodly mutation,
this gene might re- and re- and reappear.
The more who live because of this new gene,
the more the gene will propagate throughout;
however, the gene will be quarantined
if proving to be a destructive bout.
The phenomenon of evolution
is what we call it when a genotype
arrives at a novel situation
for which the organism does not gripe.
It always chooses the beneficial,
never the harmful, but sometimes the neutral.

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On My Late Adolescent Poetry, Translated Into Plain English

The fact that I wrote poetry as an adolescent embarrasses me. The poems themselves embarrass me more. Except the sonnet explaining evolution: that one won me some money and it was nerdy instead of angsty.

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On The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

@LaLoba Just last week I pulled out the swiffer mop my mother got me about eight years ago that I never used (for reasons that don't include my not cleaning, I'm obsessive). It is crap! There is so little swiffer mop to floor contact and it is so hard to control with all that swiveling. I may get a better mop or I may just keep mopping on my hands and knees now that I know I'm not the only one.

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I appreciate the sentiment he brings up about this being more complicated than we thought, but he does it so poorly, oversimplifies it himself, and makes factual errors. I wish we could have an honest large scale conversation about this where no one claims to know what they don't and no one bases research on premises they can't defend.

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On "Comfort IN, dump OUT."

I can't find it right now, but I recently saw a picture in a couple of internet places of a guy studying (?) with a paper taped to his back with a sort of FAQ. With so many people having problems with having to explain the same thing over and over, I imagine having a handout like this to give out. It might be a little weird, but could totally be prefaced with a note that it is very tiring to explain the same things over and over.

Oh no! Am I giving advice? I'm okay with it because I'm totally going to do this myself.

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On Friday Open Thread

For the not feeding, there are "feed dogs" for that; maybe they are the problem? They usually look like two narrow strips of toothy metal under where the fabric is. Usually, they will lift up, pull the fabric forward, go down, and return to their original position while you sew. On some machines you can put them "down" so they don't do that or you can take them out entirely.

Also, stitch length. There are usually options. If it is set to zero, the feed dogs won't move the fabric because that is what tells them how far to move the fabric with each stitch.

Hope you find your solution!

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

I hated periods so much before diva cup and birth control (less mess! less pain and lighter periods!) I fantasized about having a hysterectomy. Or doing this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_extraction

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

I usually empty my diva cup in the shower. In the morning I am already in the shower. If I have to empty it in the evening, I just take off my pants, empty it, rinse it, clear myself out a little, and reinsert. If you get the hang of it that way to begin with, those times when you don't have shower access and must do it in the toilet aren't so daunting.

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