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Once upon a time a multi-ethnic girl decided she didn't want to pick a race that she wanted to be everything and nothing whenever she felt like it and she lived happily ever after.

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By smartastic on Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

I love this post, and I love that people have responded with their own fairy tales, but it makes me sad that almost all of the comment fairy tales end with love when I think part of the point of the original post is that there are other types of happy endings.

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By blueberry mary on Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who moved to a large, exciting city where she had always wanted to live, and deep down, moved there looking for love. After several unsuccessful OkCupid dates, some lovely and promising until she never heard from the guys again, and some straight up terrifying and vaguely physically threatening, she decided to focus on enjoying her life as it is, pursuing comedy classes after work, joining a gym for her health, and spending time with old and new friends. She realized that she doesn't need to make getting into a relationship her only priority, and is a much better catch, and a much better person, to do things she enjoys, alone or not.

Although she might have a date tomorrow night.

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By timesnewroman on Hello to All That: 10 Books For Recent Grads

@rayray Yes yes to The Edible Woman. Also great if you are a post-grad - there is an amazing bit:

‘They all say, Go on to graduate studies, and they give you a bit of money; and so you do, and you think, Now I’m going to find out the real truth. But you don’t find out, exactly, and things get pickier and pickier and more and more stale, and it all collapses in a welter of commas and shredded footnotes, and after a while it’s like anything else: you’ve got stuck in it and you can’t get out, and you wonder how you got there in the first place.

‘...You read and read the material and after you’ve read the twentieth article you can’t make any sense out of it anymore, and then you start thinking about the number of books that are published in any given year, in any given month, in any given week, and that’s just too much. Words,’ he said, looking in my direction finally but with his eyes strangely unfocussed, as though he was really looking at a point several inches beneath my skin, ‘are beginning to lose their meanings.’

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By 'riel on Hello to All That: 10 Books For Recent Grads

Also, everyone should read I Capture the Castle, college grad or no. That book is a masterpiece of romance with yourself.

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@meetapossum The hardest part is, once you get some names, you basically have to cold-call a stranger and say "Hi, so I think I could use some therapy." And then you have to go to that stranger's office and describe your entire life and all of the ways that you think you're doing it wrong. It is scary and hard! But it rapidly gets less scary, and somewhat more slowly gets less hard and once you've built a rapport with a good therapist it is so so worth it.

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@Dancercise Get my hair cut into a pixie inspired by Emma Watson that I will later regret 43%

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Google therapy (your town), look at some websites, see if they seem like a good fit, check to see if they take your insurance/new patients, call them and set up an appointment! I'm only saying this because I just did this after like a year of working up the courage/motivation and it's already helping me. It helps that I'm in college with a good health center that gave me recommendations. Good luck!

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@get it? ugh, he was a sexy beast in knights tale.

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