On Wuthering Tarts: Baking with Emily Brontë

Mmm curd tart. Also egg custard tarts with nutmeg sprinkled on top. <3 u, regional British food. Let's not pretend Emily did the cooking though, it was blatantly Charlotte.

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On Reading Between The Texts: Sexting, Sort Of. (?)

"He should have to go to jail" made me squawk with laughter. Very happy this is back!

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On Kristen Schaal's Line of Sexy Halloween Costumes

@Devushka Awesome, now I have inspiration. Amelia Earhart for me I think!

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On A Mournful Meditation On The State Of Being A Girlfriend

@Hot Doom Haaa, I had one of them once - 'My ex didn't like it when I smoked weed' which OF COURSE makes me want to be better (in his eyes) than the ex so I be cool and go along with the weed smoking and then I realise ex was right and he's a dickhead when he's high, and he's a high-functioning addict and would throw me/anyone into a bush to get at some drugs. You live and learn.

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On The Hairpin Travel Series, Part Two: "An Escape From Untenable Circumstances"

I came here two days late to say that Edward looks like Matt Smith (of Doctor Who fame) in the pic above. For this and other reasons I will be looking forward to reading the full series when it's available outside the US!

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On Survival Prognoses for Characters on Orange is the New Black If They Were Instead Characters on Game of Thrones

@rosaline Haha, yeah. My best friend, who does watch Game of Thrones, came to visit me recently and upon hearing this news was completely torn up between wanting the celebrity sighting and being worried she'd attack him out of instinct.

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On Survival Prognoses for Characters on Orange is the New Black If They Were Instead Characters on Game of Thrones

Curse my not having seen Game of Thrones! This means nothing to me :( however I will say that the guy who plays Joffrey lives near me and I see him cycling his bike around and shopping for veggies all the time.

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On Bottom Shelf Nail Polish Names

@bevrockin Most of these I thought were fair enough, but 'Gone Grey' and 'Grey Area' had me rocking with mirth at my desk.

All Essie's color names are pretty off the wall, as far as I remember. Oh yes, look.
'Starter Wife' and 'Trophy Wife' are easily as depressing as 'Black Star'.

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On Mapping Manhattan: How 10 Women See the City

@iceberg You mean that's NOT how the states are divided up?

Real talk though, I don't even live in America (and I know there's a lot of other Pinners who don't either) and I don't mind that it's often really US-centric, so NY-centric is a whole level below my annoyance threshold.

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On Mapping Manhattan: How 10 Women See the City

@all There's some pretty awesome psychogeography literature/art centered around London as well that I studied at college. Including one guy who made hand-drawn maps of London a bit like these Manhattan ones, except I can't remember his name or find him on the internet :(
Patrick Keiller's 'London' is a film I could watch again and again for how amazingly it links place to personal and cultural memory.

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