On Having Babies Is Hard

I have stage IV colon cancer and the part about not bringing plastic to cover the PICC line so that she could take a shower really resonated with me. I have a chemo port now, but when I had the PICC line, my husband had to truss up my arm every day for me to take a shower.

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On Thoughts Upon Receiving a Ludicrously Enormous Tip

I generally leave a 20% or so tip (for the commenters who mentioned problems with doing the math on cents, I just kind of round up to make the total add up to a round number - so a bill of $45.54 means a $9.46 tip). However, I had two occasions recently where the waitress got a huge tip. The first was a split bill with friends. One or the other of us usually picks up the bill, but sometimes we are both stubborn and won't let the other pick up the full cost. In those cases, we just provide two credit cards and ask the waitperson to split the bill in half. In this particular situation, I left a tip of a little over $10 on my credit card bill, which was more than 20%. Our friends decided to be very generous and left a $20 bill for their tip.

The more recent one was dinner out for my birthday. The waitress was fantastic - she was there when we needed something, but did not interrupt when we did not need her. I left her a 50% tip in cash on the $100 tab.

I tend to over tip because I know there is a stereotype of women not tipping well and I don't want to be that way, especially since I know how hard waitstaff work; however, sometimes I wish for a good way to indicate that the service was poor, as low tips no longer seem to be the way to do that - instead, they get put on the internet as indications that the customer is cheap, rather than that the service is poor.

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On Getting Guns

I don't like the indoor ranges - the pressure waves coming from all the guns being fired are too much for me. However, the outdoor ranges are enjoyable. Also, since we have a ranch that is 50 miles from the nearest small town (and our house on it is 10 miles from my husband's brother's house on it, so it is definitely isolated), guns are a necessity. We also enjoy making little rocks out of big ones by going shooting when we are there. My husband has several guns and has purchased a few for me as well.

That having been said, the second amendment is not about hunting, self-defense or enjoying one's self on a range. It is about making sure that the government stays in check and that a tyrannical government cannot take away guns from law-abiding citizens. Please look up things like the Quartering Act for more information as to why the founding fathers thought this such a necessity.

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On Hair Day

Use It's a 10 Miracle Mask - it was a godsend to me when my normally glossy, soft straight hair suddenly became brittle and dry.

Now I'm losing my hair, thanks to chemotherapy, but will use it again when I get my hair back.

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On "A Fairy Tale Is Not a Text"

I love, love, love the His Dark Materials trilogy! This review has resulted in me going to Amazon and purchasing 4 of his books, including this one.

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