Story #2

Story #2

"After eating the music box, I spread jam on the rug for a great dessert. Take the window, Papa, and draw me some pictures."

On "It’s not clear what the Audubon Society did to piss off Jonathan Franzen."

My Passover was and continues to be great, thank you! And I am desperately pleased to see Audubon put "Bird Lover" in quotation marks. They doubt the sincerity of your affections, Franzen.

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@Plant Fire Yeah, I remember watching A Dangerous Method (with a jaundiced eye, I admit, because I don't like Christopher Hampton, nuts to him) and thinking, "I see -- when women are alone, they talk about men, and when Jews are alone, they talk about gentiles! It's so nice when a screenwriter has such empathy and imagination."

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On 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Blamed for His Own Death

I honestly thought they couldn't get away with this one. The most racist friends-of-friends on Facebook could see how horrible it was. I don't know how a group of adults sits down and decides that they're not going to face the consequences of this.

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On Lovers, Scientists, And Other Animals: An Interview With Mari Ruti

@ru_ri I agree; the whole interview is great, but that part is a highlight. Especially since I think the other edge of it is that evolutionary psychologists are simultaneously assuring straight men that they don't need to worry about not being desired, because straight women have no desires to start with.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

Is the wedding beanie maybe a taqiyah?

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On The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@Mary Beth Ostlund-Wood@facebook I think art can be a political act, or at least have a political effect -- how many pro-torture people have you heard cite "24"? I have heard a lot. (I'm not saying "24" is good art, but it is art.) But it's not usually a *direct* political act, not in this country. The metaphor I was thinking of was something like... suppose that the aim is to disassemble a structure. There are people with sledge hammers and screw guns. Maybe you don't have a sledge hammer or a screw gun, but you go home and you cut up some oranges and you bring them out to the people with the tools when they have a break. It's not a meaningless act, or a private one. You're acting in support of a cause. But you're not directly advancing the cause. Eve Ensler is taking the paring knife and stabbing it into the wall of the structure. It's basically ineffective and it doesn't do the paring knife any favors.

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On The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@Brooke Shelby Biggs@facebook Bread and roses by all means, but the problem, I would say, is that Eve Ensler is stuffing rose plants into the oven and claiming they make bread. They don't, and they don't make good roses, either.

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On The Belgian Town That Adopts the Mentally Ill Like Family

@MarianTheLibrarian In the unlikely event that I breed, if I do it with a Christian, I am going to lobby so hard for this name.

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On RIP, Amiri Baraka

@tofuswalkman I'm afraid I wasn't alive to actually work on the production, but I worked at Cherry Lane in its current, unfortunately kind of depressing form and I got to write some press releases about what a great part of theater history it was and how important it is to make space for work that revolutionary. (Also I got to read the file with all the original publicity materials, which was amazing. They were prepared for the press to freak the fuck out, which the press duly did.) Sorry to have phrased that in such a confusing way!

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On RIP, Amiri Baraka

@tofuswalkman For real -- Baraka was misogynist and antisemitic, but so is Philip Roth* and when he dies, there's going to be a hell of a lot more hagiography.

*I say Roth is antisemitic; I think he is in a way that goes hand-in-hand with his misogyny. I don't think I've ever, as a Jewish woman, read a book that seemed to hate me, personally more than Portnoy's Complaint. (Not to make this about Roth. RIP, Baraka. I was proud to work for the first theater to produce Dutchman.)

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