By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Stereotype Pie

100% Picked out plaid flannel shirts with lesbian lover

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By sophia_h on Friday Open Thread

@mystique the site previously felt like most girls/women I know -- considering ourselves feminist and progressive for sure, but having lots of girly guilty pleasures which we then feel guilty about labeling "guilty pleasures" because we like what we like, right?? I think that paradox of modern feminism/womanhood has gone from the site's mission and identity and that's why we feel more like it's full of articles we "should" like than ones we do.

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By RNL on Friday Open Thread

@mystique I'm with you, generally! The tone has changed, and it's pretty obvious that lots of people have left.

I feel like it's missing the funny, glib sweetness. Lots of re-posting political stuff, and the original content is just not hitting the right notes. I don't know! It's just not working well. It makes me sad.

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By Verity on Friday Open Thread

Work was exhausting today - I was one of only two receptionists this afternoon, which meant things were pretty frantic. (Friday afternoon is a busy time in a GP surgery, as everyone realises they need things urgently for the weekend.) But my boyfriend is here, and we're going to watch Henry IV Part 1 with a friend tomorrow, and I got a job interview!

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By lasso tabasco on Friday Open Thread

@Angelena@twitter DOING IT! You got this, girl!

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By whateverlolawants on Friday Open Thread

Recent searches on the shared work computer:
nutella coupons
guys covered in mustard

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By chnellociraptor on Friday Open Thread

I'm currently zipping through the Ontario countryside on a midday train to Ottawa. Plans: clubbing with dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature tonight, Rocky Horror Show tomorrow, skating, karaoke, many many many drinks, hopefully poutine. Last week was crummy, so I'm overdue for some fun.

Any Ottawans out on the canal this weekend?

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By R&RKD on 'Pinup Roundup


I was thinking of planning one soon? I always enjoy bowling. Do you guys like bowling? Do you guys like Timber Lanes or Diversey Bowl? (I am TERRIBLE at bowling, so if you are nervous about your skill, don't be!)

There's also the book club! Don't forget that, if bowling isn't your thing.

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By adorable-eggplant on Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie Taking off bra + stiff drink = bliss

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By heyhaley on Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

"I don't feel bi. Just resourceful!" Oh my gosh. I don't mean to make light of a difficult situation but where can I sign up to hang out with the resourceful British boys?

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